I love the bus!

So, in light of my new job and exorbetently high gas prices, I have ventured to take the bus to work in Lehi: one hour there and two hours back to BYU. The first two days have given me the most delicious stories about visa, how to make $30,000 this summer, donating plasma, and live bees in one girl's hair. (It didn't really bother her.) By far the highlight of the two days has been the crazy woman that I see. If I can figure out a way to download the pic I took with my phone, I will, but until then, the description will have to do. She has straight platinum blonde hair on top of orangey/rust colored afro hair. Most bizzare. She wore long sleeves, long pants, gloves (nigh unto gardening gloves), rather large rimmed glasses, and a trench coat. It is about 95 degrees outside. She carried an umbrella which blocks the sun that her 6 inch wide brimmed, blue foamed hat didn't block out. (Not a sign of any thunderstorms.) She sits on two sheets of newspaper, which she meticulously spreads out before she sits, and when she's done, she grabs them with her hands and uses them as a barrier between the "germ ridden" pole and her garden gloves. In the two days I have been on the bus, I have seen her thrice, and I fully anticipate seeing her every day throughout the rest of the summer.

Additionally, the bus route drives by the Utah State Developmental Center and picks up mentally handicapped adults who on their way to their service or therapy or part time job, whatever the case. Yesterday, one was being particularly rude. To help quiet him, one of the other mentally handicapped women on the bus repeatedly chanted to herself, yet loud enough to hear, "Peace on Earth, Good will to Men." "Peace on Earth, Good will to Men." "Peace on Earth, Good will to Men." I'll try to take pictures in the future. More stories tomorrow.



Kent and Leisy said...

I wonder whose blog I've shown up on: that crazy boy who comes with three different bags - one for all his books, one for breakfast, lunch and dinner and another for his MCAT prep course material. And then he takes one of his two jackets to use for a pillow and then takes up five seats sprawled out on the back bench pretending to study!! Yeah, bus people ARE weird.

Paris Hilton said...

I think Taylor's hot