More Drama on the Bus and Roger

Today I met Roger. He works at the Utah Developmental Center doing laundry and has for some time now. He's 37, and turns 38 next month.
I would tell you more, but apparently, my posts (all one of them) are too long. So, I'm just going to get straight to the details.
I found out about the bleached lady. I call her bleached because apparlently that's precisely what she does. She bleaches her skin to hide her African roots. However, I saw her African roots in her hair the first day because the root's color was the color or a Black peroson's hair that had been bleached. Her coworkers told the bus driver. She works in a call center. I also noticed that her umbrella isn't just a single umbrella, rather, it is three umbrellas layered on top of each other. Blue, then red, the ivory. I guess she just doesn't want her melanin to kick in. This is becoming more evidenced as the days get hotter, the layers get thicker. Today, a wool scarf. I believe we broke 100 today.

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