Notre Dame!!! if you are wondering why taylor seems to be squatting, there are two reaons really. Number one, he hates looking 15 inches taller than me in all our pictures, and secondly he had placed the camera over a little knob like thing on a bridge over the river, and I made him promise he would run and grab it if it bagan to fall, so he is poised for saving the camera if needed.

This is in the catacombs, a really creepy underground area in paris full of dead people, there are the bones of millions of people down there and I only saw femurs and skulls, i'd really like to know where the ribs and pelvi are. (what is plural for pelvis?)

Prague was incredibly beautiful. architecturally it was the most incredible city I have ever seen. We went to church there and did some shopping. My favorite part was the train ride from here to Krakow. It was beautiful!


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