Roger's Words

So, Roger, on the bus, has decided that he wants to quiz me on definitions of words to pass the time between the Developmental Center in AF and the Mall in Orem. He told me a few weeks ago that one of his favorite books is the dictionary. I wasn't sure how big of a favorite it was until yesterday. These are the words that he wanted to discuss. Thank goodness that Google does texting.

Composure, explicit, tremulous, countenance, everlasting, lucid, blowhard, flinch, milksop, and ascribe.

A lot of times I know the definition, I just don't know how to define them simply. But, seeing as how he stumped me a few times yesterday, I shouldn't really worry about shying away from large words. He also asked me to define a word that he prefaced by saying, "I think that the definition is kind of dirty...but how would you define 'striptease'?" I told him that he probably knew what the definition was. He said he did. So, luckily that discussion didn't ensue.


Kent and Leisy said...

you should have acted out the words for roger.

Wiemers said...

I think blowhard is a funny word. I'm concerned, however, with it being on the same list as explicit and striptease. I don't know what that means.