It is finished!!

Well, after a summer of managing schedules and trying to squeeze in time to do this little project, I have finally finished my chair. In April or March, Laney and I went to DI to look for tables for our kitchen (and DI is the ONLY place to look) and we saw this ugly chair in the "As Is" section. The price was $5 and, when a loose nail cut me after I picked it up for the first time and I dripped blood all through DI, we decided to make it a summer project. The ugly little thing sat in our living room in varying levels of completion until this last weekend. My neighbor and cousin-in-law (Steve, Hailey's husband) works at an upholstery shop when he's not studying the genetic make-up of lichens. (Yes, lichens.) So, he showed me the ropes and walked me through the process. I sanded it down (which is another story all by itself about our neighbor Patrick) and restained it. I re-upholstered it to get rid of that hideous hideous 70's print. In addition to working on the outside appearance, Steve helped me to retie the coils on the inside, add extra support, put in new padding and the works. It was pretty cool to see all the ins and outs of what goes into recovering a chair. To my luck, there was some extra leather fabric just sitting around the shop, so that cost was zip. The shop let me use the stain, the glue, the staples, all the equipment, the tacks, and all the extra scraps just lying around. Grand total cost for the chair:$11. An initial $5 up front, and then I had to splurge and buy more sandpaper, which was just $6 on that, which I can still use to refinish other chairs. Woot woot! It is quite comfortable and the neutral tones match our living room well, not to mention any other room we might decide to move it to in the future.
My next project is a Shaker bench that will serve as a little place for people to take their shoes off when they walk into our house. I have to build this one from scratch, unless anyone knows where I can find an old one. We don't frequent the DI as much anymore.


Kent and Leisy said...

hot chair. and great post. hooray.

Katie said...

the chair looks great. I was really hopeful that the pictures at the top were "before" shots and that the final picture would be at the end. thank heavens i was right. Good job taylor!