Weird Mormons

Last week I went to a conference called the LDSBA (LDS Booksellers Association) it was a gift show/book show where all the lds bookstores come from around the country and buy weird and tacky lds paraphenilia. I have been to the show twice before so you would think i would be used to the weirdness of mormons creating weird mormon things, and trying to make money off them. But, they still shock me. I have listed my five favorite items below:

1. The talking Nephi doll. You press his bosom and he speaks 25 different scriptures
2. The horrible mormon t-shirts that say things like "Mormon girl, worth the wait" or "Hagoth Yacht Club." The company's slogan was: Share it" while you "wear it".
3. "Return with honor" another horrible mormon movie about missionaries.
4. Horrible Mormon Art (since working at the museum of art, i must admit i have become an art snob) I can't stand the tacky pictures of the savior with children and butterflies and glistening tears down his face with light painted in weird places. if you are a liz lemon swindle, greg olsen, or simon dewey fan that's okay, i believe they were painted with great testimonies and love, i just don't consider them fine art and you will never see them in our home. I'd rather stick with carl bloch or caravaggio. thank heavens taylor feels the same way.
5. An album entitled, "Mormon Blues" with a song entitled, "Sister Missionaries with hot legs"
and there was even lotion to go with the cd for "hot legs"

The pictures below are with the people in the booth across from ours, they were a family that had illustrated and written a book together and a woman who sold nativity costumes. They were great! We became wonderful friends those 3 days.

This picture is of me with two of my employees, Bethany on my left and Charity on my right. The boy who illustrated the book across from us, also drew characitures, and he did them for us. we loved it.


Kent and Leisy said...

the drawings of you guys are super great. you need to frame it and put it in your house!

Nate and Jessica said...

please make it stop.

Walnut said...

My favorite new mormon movie is called 'Anxiously Engaged'. you know, a guy is getting engaged. Man, they made a whole dorky movie off of one common mormon phrase. classic