My LEAST favorite part of the day

So, everyday, I have to go into the breakroom at work and get my lunch. It is by far the worst 2-3 minutes of my day. If I plan it right, I can go in and avoid all the other workers who are there. (Which is really hard for me to write because I'm not really one to avoid others. I mean, let's be honest, since when was I blessed with the ability or the stature to be stealth. Though, saying that, I scared Laney pretty good on Monday.) Anyway, when I walk in, there is complete silence. No one is talking to each other. A few people are eating and a few are reading the newspaper. The rest (about 75% of the 15-20) are just staring at the floor, I'm assuming to check to see if their shoelaces are still done up on their matching boots. As soon as I cross the threshold, they all stop what they are doing (which is nothing) and stare at me as I make my way to the fridge to get my lunch. Today I was lucky because my lunch didn't require reheating. Other days, I heat my meal to only hear the constant hum of the microwave. It is so awkward to sit there but what else am I supposed to do. I tried making conversation when I started to work here, but they weren't responsive to any of my questions. When I ask, "What do you actually do for Lehi Power?" EVERYONE responds by saying, "You name it, I do it." Not once has anyone said I do this and this and this; I just know they do everything. AH! Luckily, I found out today that the manager here is going to let me work from BYU once school starts in September. Good for two reasons: one, no commuting which means no gas wasted, and two, no more awkward entries into the breakroom to get my lunch.


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taylor and laney said...

Again, what in the world is this? Does any one else's blog come up with these weird comments? I have only seen them on mine and frankly, I am a little confused.

Kent and Leisy said...

it happened to mkenna's blog too. weird!!!