There's a tumor on your pillow!

Last week, Laney wasn't feeling so hot. She has a sore throat and so I gave her one of my throat lozenges that I got in London when our Russian friends were insistent that I was sick and Laney was a horrible wife. I chose lemon, naturally. Laney, as evidenced by the picture, doesn't love lemon. She spit it out sometime during the middle of the night. The lozenge was GLUED to the pillow. She made me take it off. It was gross. But, at least I got a great picture even though I lost a great tasting lozenge.


Kent and Leisy said...

lemon lozenges. kaka. pooey.

Nate and Jessica said...

I could go for a lemon lozenge. But a Peep or Circus Peanut...now that is kaka pooey.