2 Weeks

Well. This is it. The last two weeks of crunch time. As of Sept 29, I will have officially taken the LSAT. No more of this horrible timed tests and Saturday mornings, unless I don't score as well as I hope, that is. (Sad, but true, that I am creating the formal logic diagram of that last sentence in my head and finding its contrapositive and searching for the gaps and articulating the assumptions....AHH!) It has been a summer of intense studying and thank goodness I have a patient wife who didn't mind driving me to the bus stop at 6 am all summer so I could use the time on the bus to study and then patiently waiting until 7 pm on some nights that I had study groups. Those were long days, and, we are hopeful, those long days are about to conclude. I took the test that was given last June yesterday, and faired okay. Not as well as I'd hoped, but okay. Laney reminded me of the progress that I had made all summer and assured me that she would love me no matter what score I got. Not that I worried, but hearing that was refreshing. She's so supportive and I can't imagine how I would have done this without her.
So, for the next two weeks, you can think about me, and more specifically, send your prayers more fervently for me that the psycological aspect of the test doesn't do me in. If you do, well, I'll probably never know, but I can promise you blessings. :) And who doesn't want those. So, do. I have to keep telling myself that this test isn't going to determine the rest of my life, though in some ways it is. And that's how I'll cope with what I have termed the "psych" factor. Then I'll be okay.


Kent and Leisy said...

we are praying ever so fervently for you. hooray for the big evil test coming to an end. once its over you'll feel so lightened (at least for one day and then you'll stress waiting for the score). too bad if you do really well, you have MANY MANY more of those long days ahead of you..although now that kent is in med school, the tests don't seem as stressful cause he's already in!

Aaron & Kalle said...

Tay- You will do great. Just remember to keep calm no matter what and know that your time and effort will pay off. We wish you the best on the test, and we will keep you in our prayers.