And then there were two....

Today was my last official day as one of Provo's official takers of weather. I just went from 3 jobs to 2. Woot woot! Now, I'm just a substitute at the weather station. I thought I'd share some pictures so you can all see how wonderful this job was. And I know you were all dying to see what it was that I did when I said "I take the weather."
This is the whole shebang, minus the ugly white shed that houses the inside instruments. The white vented box keeps a thermometer and a hygrometer (measures the humidity).

Below is inside the shed. This is the barometer that looks like it is bleeding. The red ink tracks the air pressure for the past 24 hours. Kind of high tech, I know.
The thermometer that measures like the barometer and hygrometer. I'm happy in this picture because it is almost done.

I'm adding water to the evaporation pan. There is little needle that has to be covered by water every day and I have to add just enough water so it gets recovered. It is quite exciting. Sometimes, I don't know how, but tadpoles start to live inside the little pan. I think it is because the botany pond is just across the street and they somehow get over here. When that happens, I put some bleach in the mix of water to get rid of the little guys. They can't be messing with the measurements of highly technical science. Also, I take the high and low temp of the water and the miles of wind that have occured next to the evaporation pan. You can see the silver cup that measures the miles of wind in the bottom corner of the picture.

After it is all said and done, I call the numbers in to the National Weather Service and Channel 5. Yeah, that's my claim to fame. Channel 5 gets its weather from me. Without me, Kevin Eubank would have nothing to say (about provo that is)Go me.


Kent and Leisy said...
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Steve and Hailey said...

I would really like to go to the weather station sometime. Oh and I'm glad that you guys loved the corn on the cob. It's so delicious.

Jason & Shannon said...

GO YOU! Way to tell that Kevin Eubank the weather! That is really neat.