romantic getaway to watch the kokanee salmon spawning

we went with hailey and steve to strawberry reservoir to watch the kokanee spawning. they told us it would be romantic and it surely was. you can see their blog for more wonderful picks, haileyandsteve.blogspot.com this pic below is steve holding the nasty crawdad i found. they made me fish it out of the stream with a rock and stick- i was already in the stream so that is why i had to do it. it looks small but it wasn't!

Here they are, spawning! the salmon are normally just regular fish color but during spawning season they turn bright orange!!! it was incredible.

here we are standing next to the stream. we had to walk through nasty stinky sage and really painful thistle. next time we go on an outing with steve and hailey we are going to take hiking boots!

jack loves taylor. i think he really just loves being so high up off the ground.

we really are becoming environmentalists, steve has been somewhat successful in converting us. who else goes on a nice sunday drive to watch the spawning kokanee?


Steve and Hailey said...

The Hairspray dance class is actually tonight around 8:10pm. I stayed and did power yoga last night and it was great. I guess they are going to review the dance. I'm annoyed that the posting was wrong. I think I'll go if tonight is too long with the graduate dinner and games. Call me if you want to go.

Steve and Hailey said...

I meant "isn't."