halloween cookies and pork chops

so last night we made pumpkin sugar cookies. taylor wanted to play scrabble but i convinced him that cookies would be better and that he could decorate the pumpkin's faces. Taylor loves scrabble, and i guess you could say that I am starting to like it. I beat him in a very long game Sunday night, but I got most of my points by addding the letter s to all of taylor's big words. I kind of felt bad but, at least I won.

Last night we decided to have pork chops but we ahad one problem, we didn't have apples. You see, apples and pork go together. And pork chops are dull without apples. So we drove up into our little parking space behind our apartment and there coming over the fence from the neighbors back yard was an apple tree, covered with apples. So, we picked some, the tree was overgrown and their were rotten apples all over the ground, and every apple we picked had a worm hole in it, but we had apples. I made Taylor cut all the worm holes out and the yucky parts. The apples were delicious, and so were the pork chops.


Kent and Leisy said...

some of those pumpkins have funny faces.

taylor and laney said...

that was taylor's creativity shining through.