bad luck

So on Monday night Taylor broke two of our favorite glasses and the bad luck started (i know it wasn't a mirror but nonetheless the bad luck is here) Our meth/herion addict neighbor came over during it all (i am not sure if she was the bad luck, or if she just brought it over with her). She was telling us some story about her husband beating her up and then someone stealing her wallet and that she needed money. Taylor stayed in the kitchen with the broken glasses while i told her we wouldn't give her any money and she left. Anyway, so we woke up the next morning and I broke another glass (I think that means years more of bad luck). So we went on with our day and as we drove home from work we got a flat tire, of course the spare is in the trunk underneath all the tacky wedding presents we got that we still keep with us for hopes we will someday find the store they belong to so we can return them. We finally got the tire and jack out but the jack was missing that turning part, we found a screwdriver in the car that kind of worked and within 30 minutes we were on our way, we hurried over the the school to vote which of course was wonderful until we realized this morning that referendum 1 hadn't passed (we knew it was a slim chance anyway). We really just wanted to see it pass to see all the people who were crazy against it and what they would do with themsleves. And we really liked the oreo commercial. So we hope our bad luck is over, or that at least we don't break any more glasses.


Lindsi said...

I tagged you on my blog. I hate myself for this but I had to do it. Read the rules on my blog.

charity said...

hooray the oreo commercial!!!!! :)

good luck with the bad luck.

miss you guys. hope to see you at thanksgiving.

Kent and Leisy said...

i want to see the oreo commercial. i hope that your bad luck keeps going for awhile. you deserve something bad!!! your lives are too easy. ;)

Kent and Leisy said...

okay I just watched to oreo commerical on youtube. I'll be honest, I am pro voucher. Now I see why you liked the commerical so much though!!