it's been awhile.

Sorry for not blogging for so long, we have had a great and eventful week, it has just been busy. Halloween was great. The ward party was somewhat enjoyable, there was just a little bit too much going on. I think evreyone would have been happy with candy costumes and dinner but it was way more. Anyhow here are some of the pictures.

yes, these are our costumes, They were my idea, but it was a joke, taylor however really wanted to do it, so I consented. Taylor looked much more like a nerdy dictionary than i looked like a thesaraus, I guess he makes a better nerd then me.

Steve was a pirate and we thought he was hysterical, our favorite part was the rooster type thing attached to his shoulder.

Leisy, here is carrie amado, london dressed up as dorothy and JP was the scarecrow, it was really quite cute. I took some other pictures for you but some got deleted on accident. Anyhow, our Halloween was quite uneventful. We had a nice flow of trick or treaters and we made french dip sandwiches for ourselves.


Amy & Craig Starkey Family said...

I think this is my most fav picture of anybody EVER!!! (except maybe kent as a goth last halloween or craig in the wife beater Howell reunion T that I made for him in 2003 at Dave and michelle's cabin).

xanthoman said...

I don't know why people don't tell me that I'm so darn ugly. Pray for Jack to look less like me and more like his mom.