You might be working in Lehi if...

A guy came into work today with his arm all wrapped up in a sling. He does a lot of the field work for me, so I've been wondering where he's been and why he hasn't finished what I'd given him to check out. So, my bad, apparently, he's hurt himself. Seeing as how he works for the power department, my first (and natural) question was, "Did you fall from your cherry picker?" to which his reply was, "No, I got bucked off a bull." So, you might be working in Lehi if your coworkers sustain injuries from the rodeo, but carry on working. I love the stories I'm leaving this job with.

our trip to disneyland.

this is our first day in disneyland. the people who took the picture for us told me that I had a really tall boyfriend, i explained to them that he wasn't my really tall boyfriend, but my really tall husband. they couldn't believe it.
I am very happy in this teacup because it isn't spinning as you will se later on the page, the teacups didn't make me happy. (Taylor says: also, she is happy because it is a pink teacup. When we got on the ride later, I wasn't allowed to choose the teacup, and Laney RUSHED to get the pink, most beautiful one.
while at the bugs life movie, taylor insisted that we act like bugs. so here were are, acting like bugs.
here is everyone's favorite character, it was incredibly hard to get a picture with him, we were literally fighting off parents who were throwing their children at mickey. there was a long line to see him but apparently people at disneyland who want to see mickey don't follow the rules. (Taylor says: Please don't judge me based upon the hand on my hip. I'm not pleased and it was a sore topic just after taking the picture. But, honestly, for the length of my arms, the hip is just a comfortable place to rest my hand. I asked Laney to crop this pic, but I think that she just wanted to see reactions. Thanks love.)
taylor was just happy here to find a character taller than him. woody was nice.

this was in the little princess store under the castle at disneyland. it is quite possibly my favorite place in disneyland.
we had a hard time fitting taylor in a lot of the rides at disneyland, but toon town was of course the worst.
this is taylor on the teacup ride. he loved it.
this is me on the teacup ride, I didn't love it. in fact, i almost ralphed. I used to love it, i don't know what has happened to me.
this is our last evening there, we had a wonderful time. you know I think disneyland is really quite romantic if you can block out all the crazy parents screaming at their crying kids. (Taylor says: There really were some crazy parents. We were scared, let alone those poor children. Be nice to your children while at the happiest place on earth.)


wedding planners

Taylor and I have decided that we would make great wedding planners. We recently did the decorations for our cousin shannon's wedding reception and we think we did quite a lovely job. We decorated the cake (we didn't make it, just decorated the outside) and we did the flowers as well as the center pieces. it was really quite fun too.

Feel bad, but...

Thought this video was pretty funny. Listen to background at the end when she says NBC, instead of ABC. Hilarious. Watching this makes me want to go into journalism to help a little.



Roger's Words

So, Roger, on the bus, has decided that he wants to quiz me on definitions of words to pass the time between the Developmental Center in AF and the Mall in Orem. He told me a few weeks ago that one of his favorite books is the dictionary. I wasn't sure how big of a favorite it was until yesterday. These are the words that he wanted to discuss. Thank goodness that Google does texting.

Composure, explicit, tremulous, countenance, everlasting, lucid, blowhard, flinch, milksop, and ascribe.

A lot of times I know the definition, I just don't know how to define them simply. But, seeing as how he stumped me a few times yesterday, I shouldn't really worry about shying away from large words. He also asked me to define a word that he prefaced by saying, "I think that the definition is kind of dirty...but how would you define 'striptease'?" I told him that he probably knew what the definition was. He said he did. So, luckily that discussion didn't ensue.



Notre Dame!!! if you are wondering why taylor seems to be squatting, there are two reaons really. Number one, he hates looking 15 inches taller than me in all our pictures, and secondly he had placed the camera over a little knob like thing on a bridge over the river, and I made him promise he would run and grab it if it bagan to fall, so he is poised for saving the camera if needed.

This is in the catacombs, a really creepy underground area in paris full of dead people, there are the bones of millions of people down there and I only saw femurs and skulls, i'd really like to know where the ribs and pelvi are. (what is plural for pelvis?)

Prague was incredibly beautiful. architecturally it was the most incredible city I have ever seen. We went to church there and did some shopping. My favorite part was the train ride from here to Krakow. It was beautiful!


So we know it is a little late, but I finally remembered to bring the camera to work and share europe pictures. we quite enjoyed our trip.

This is all candy! It was the first thing we saw in paris when we came out of the metro. we bought some not knowing how much it all cost and for 7 pieces of candy it was 4 euro! (almost six bucks).

Atop the eiffel tower !

This was taylor's first experience with a toilet where you don't actually get to sit down, you have to do everything while standing. I didn't realize they were the stand up toilets before he went in and i wasn't able to explain how it all worked, needless to say this was the funniest part of our entire trip. if you want more details you'll have to get them from taylor.

our favorite cousin once removed

This is jack. we love jack and jack loves us. He is screaming in the picture but it is because he was just about to leave our house.