we forgot about the rice

so last week taylor and i had rice for dinner with our tacos and this week we remembered that we left the rice in the rice cooker. oops. taylor found it and he told me he would do all the dishes if i took the rice to the garbage. i took it out and it was horibbly disgusting. who knew rice could go so bad after 4 days.


we may not have tornado sirens....

i am a little bit jealous about the tornado sirens jessica and leisy, however i want you to know that while you are off in tornado states, we have extreme weather of our own. we had the craziest hailstorm ever on sunday. i was visiting teaching when it started and my visiting teachee wanted me to wait the storm out in her apartment but i wanted to experience it and i wanted to go home and watch it with taylor. anyway, so needless to say, i took a run for it. by the time i got the 100 yards to my apartment i was soaked! luckily i had the ensign to protect my head but i had welts all over my arms! it was incredible. i loved every bit of it. the neighbors even caught me on camera! you can look a their blog to see me running. they are the josh and kenna link on our favorite people list.

babysitting jack

we babysat baby jack last week and he was adorable. we tried to feed him normal food but he was being cranky and he was drooling everywhere so we assumed he was teething, anyway all we could get him to eat was a fork full of peanut butter. after the wonderful dinner he and taylor watchd baby einstein on the laptop for a bit. they loved it. i tried to watch it with them but i couldn't stand it. taylor is going to make a much better mother than i ever will.


Weird Mormons

Last week I went to a conference called the LDSBA (LDS Booksellers Association) it was a gift show/book show where all the lds bookstores come from around the country and buy weird and tacky lds paraphenilia. I have been to the show twice before so you would think i would be used to the weirdness of mormons creating weird mormon things, and trying to make money off them. But, they still shock me. I have listed my five favorite items below:

1. The talking Nephi doll. You press his bosom and he speaks 25 different scriptures
2. The horrible mormon t-shirts that say things like "Mormon girl, worth the wait" or "Hagoth Yacht Club." The company's slogan was: Share it" while you "wear it".
3. "Return with honor" another horrible mormon movie about missionaries.
4. Horrible Mormon Art (since working at the museum of art, i must admit i have become an art snob) I can't stand the tacky pictures of the savior with children and butterflies and glistening tears down his face with light painted in weird places. if you are a liz lemon swindle, greg olsen, or simon dewey fan that's okay, i believe they were painted with great testimonies and love, i just don't consider them fine art and you will never see them in our home. I'd rather stick with carl bloch or caravaggio. thank heavens taylor feels the same way.
5. An album entitled, "Mormon Blues" with a song entitled, "Sister Missionaries with hot legs"
and there was even lotion to go with the cd for "hot legs"

The pictures below are with the people in the booth across from ours, they were a family that had illustrated and written a book together and a woman who sold nativity costumes. They were great! We became wonderful friends those 3 days.

This picture is of me with two of my employees, Bethany on my left and Charity on my right. The boy who illustrated the book across from us, also drew characitures, and he did them for us. we loved it.


It worked

See it. I made my day the greatest. You will laugh hysterically and then some more. I was dancing my way out of the theater.


All I need is some hairspray

So, today was a pretty rough day for me. I need to vent, and seeing as how Laney is doing a tour right now, I'm going to use this time to my advantage. When I arrived at work, I discovered that in an effort to backup my work yesterday as I was leaving, I accidentally replaced my new database with the old database, thus erasing everything that I had worked on for the past two days. Luckily, it was only two days, but still, when your job is tedious already, having to redo tedioucity is not what I call fun. So, that got squared away and I left to catch the bus. On the ride home, I realized that in order for me to be able to take the weather today, I would need the key...which was in the car...that Laney had in Salt Lake. The original plan was for me to get off and ride my bike down to take the weather and then ride it to class. I called another girl who takes the weather to see if I could borrow her key, to which she graciously offered to just take the weather for me. This was good news as I was still at our house in Orem, it was 3:45, and class was going to start at 4. So, to myself, I think, "You know. I've ridden my bike through Yellowstone in one day, crossing the continental divide three times, I can make it to Provo in 15 minutes." Well, too bad I didn't finish that thought. A more complete thought would have been, "Yeah, I did that, but after months of training, not carrying a backpack with 6 books in it, in the cooler temperatures of anywhere but here, and on a bike that had gears." I think the high today here in Provo was about 100, which occured right when I was riding. My bike is a beach cruiser. No, not a moutain traverser; a BEACH CRUISER. At this time, I was no where near a beach nor in need of a cruise. I figured that the trip down University Pkwy would be the most enjoyable, but, as the cosmos had already aligned against me, there was a STRONG hot wind blowing UP the hill, requiring me to pedal DOWNHILL. So I was sweating on the part that should have been the easiest (gravitationally speaking). When I reached the football stadium, the threads on my handlebars decided that they didn't want to hold the handlebar up anymore. I don't know they've stripped, but they have. So, as I am now riding uphill, half of my focus is on holding my handlebars up. When I get to the Marriot Center, the incline just gets to much for me. So, I packed in my pride and got off and walked my bike. How humiliating. I walked it to the Bean Museum, where I surmised that I could coast all the way down to my class.
As I got on the bike (still trying to keep the handlebars upright) I looked down to notice that I had a flat. No problem. I've had a flat the past few times I've ridden and I just pump it up before I go and it lasts the whole time. So, I pump it up, thinking I'm fine, and go to get on it again and realize that the tire is no longer in the rim. Much more than a quick fix was needed here. So, I walked the bike to the campus, where I bought myself a Powerade to quench my thirst, and caught the bus to class. One more thing. For some bizzare reason, I decided not to wear socks today, so all the sweat from my thermal energy producing feet rubbed my heels and soles raw.
The only thing I have to look forward to do tonight is go to see Hairspray. Laney and I decided that we would wait to see it in the dollar theater, but as I've listened to the soundtrack this week and read a few reviews, I just couldn't take it anymore. We got the discount tickets from Macey's and are splurging for our six month commemoration of our wedding. Really, Laney is doing me a favor by sitting through this with me, but really, I have been unable to get the lyrics out of my head this entire week. I just know that this favor Laney will do for me tonight will make all the feelings of soreness, frustration, and heat exhaustion just vaporize (kinda like an aerosol).


My LEAST favorite part of the day

So, everyday, I have to go into the breakroom at work and get my lunch. It is by far the worst 2-3 minutes of my day. If I plan it right, I can go in and avoid all the other workers who are there. (Which is really hard for me to write because I'm not really one to avoid others. I mean, let's be honest, since when was I blessed with the ability or the stature to be stealth. Though, saying that, I scared Laney pretty good on Monday.) Anyway, when I walk in, there is complete silence. No one is talking to each other. A few people are eating and a few are reading the newspaper. The rest (about 75% of the 15-20) are just staring at the floor, I'm assuming to check to see if their shoelaces are still done up on their matching boots. As soon as I cross the threshold, they all stop what they are doing (which is nothing) and stare at me as I make my way to the fridge to get my lunch. Today I was lucky because my lunch didn't require reheating. Other days, I heat my meal to only hear the constant hum of the microwave. It is so awkward to sit there but what else am I supposed to do. I tried making conversation when I started to work here, but they weren't responsive to any of my questions. When I ask, "What do you actually do for Lehi Power?" EVERYONE responds by saying, "You name it, I do it." Not once has anyone said I do this and this and this; I just know they do everything. AH! Luckily, I found out today that the manager here is going to let me work from BYU once school starts in September. Good for two reasons: one, no commuting which means no gas wasted, and two, no more awkward entries into the breakroom to get my lunch.


Gotta love the Chinese

There's a Chinese girl in my study group for the LSAT. Yesterday was her birthday, and as we were discussing it, she mentioned she was old. I didn't think so. She just turned 27. I said my wife was 26, both of which I don't consider old. (However, when I think about the ages of all my siblings, that's where it starts to get a little gray...or maybe they're the one's getting gray...) Anyway, she asked how old I was, to which I replied 23. Her eyes lit up. She told me about an Ancient Chinese Proverb which says that when the wife is three years older than the husband, then that couple will have the Golden Brick. What that meant, I didn't know for sure, so I inquired. She said that we're going to be RICH! Music to my ears. Sweet music to my ears. This came as even more confirmation that Laney was the right one for me and just added to list of things that I love about her. And I guess that my luck with the Chinese is a lot better than the luck Leisy and Kent have.


There's a tumor on your pillow!

Last week, Laney wasn't feeling so hot. She has a sore throat and so I gave her one of my throat lozenges that I got in London when our Russian friends were insistent that I was sick and Laney was a horrible wife. I chose lemon, naturally. Laney, as evidenced by the picture, doesn't love lemon. She spit it out sometime during the middle of the night. The lozenge was GLUED to the pillow. She made me take it off. It was gross. But, at least I got a great picture even though I lost a great tasting lozenge.

It is finished!!

Well, after a summer of managing schedules and trying to squeeze in time to do this little project, I have finally finished my chair. In April or March, Laney and I went to DI to look for tables for our kitchen (and DI is the ONLY place to look) and we saw this ugly chair in the "As Is" section. The price was $5 and, when a loose nail cut me after I picked it up for the first time and I dripped blood all through DI, we decided to make it a summer project. The ugly little thing sat in our living room in varying levels of completion until this last weekend. My neighbor and cousin-in-law (Steve, Hailey's husband) works at an upholstery shop when he's not studying the genetic make-up of lichens. (Yes, lichens.) So, he showed me the ropes and walked me through the process. I sanded it down (which is another story all by itself about our neighbor Patrick) and restained it. I re-upholstered it to get rid of that hideous hideous 70's print. In addition to working on the outside appearance, Steve helped me to retie the coils on the inside, add extra support, put in new padding and the works. It was pretty cool to see all the ins and outs of what goes into recovering a chair. To my luck, there was some extra leather fabric just sitting around the shop, so that cost was zip. The shop let me use the stain, the glue, the staples, all the equipment, the tacks, and all the extra scraps just lying around. Grand total cost for the chair:$11. An initial $5 up front, and then I had to splurge and buy more sandpaper, which was just $6 on that, which I can still use to refinish other chairs. Woot woot! It is quite comfortable and the neutral tones match our living room well, not to mention any other room we might decide to move it to in the future.
My next project is a Shaker bench that will serve as a little place for people to take their shoes off when they walk into our house. I have to build this one from scratch, unless anyone knows where I can find an old one. We don't frequent the DI as much anymore.


Live, from the MOA Store, it's Laney.

Laney was interviewed for BYU radio today. She's famous. I'm so proud of her. Here's the link.



Is this what really happens in there?

Ever wonder what hundred of inmates dancing looked like? I sure did. And now I know.