vice president cheney is coming to town!

So a few weeks ago a man came into the moa store and he was wearning the presidential seal on his lapel, so I asked him if he worked for the president. (Back in DC, I learned that people who work for the various branches and divisions in the government, often wear that division's seal on their suit coats) Anyway, he said yes, but that he lived in Utah. So i asked him if he worked for the president's advance team, he looked at me with a strange look and said, "I do, but how do you know what the advance team is?" I told him I had always wanted to work on the advance team but that it hadn't worked out with my plans, and probably wouldn't, but that it was a dream of mine. Anyway, he asked if I wanted to work with him someday and try it out. I of course said yes. Anyway he called me Sunday night and asked if I would work with him this week because VP cheney is coming to Salt Lake and so is the President of the Czech Republic! Anyway, so I will be working the event on thursday and friday at the Grand America Hotel. For all I know, I will be filling up people's water glasses or emptying the trash, but nonetheless, I am excited. And they did a background check, so i think that means it is exciting. And to top it all off, it is a top secret event, and I love all things top secret. You can read the article all about it in the SLC Trib, I put the article at the bottom of this post. It talks about how top secret it really is. Anyway, I hope it all works out and that i get to go. I assure you all, if I do, I will tell you ALL about it! I am going to a meeting tomorrow night with the advance team to get all the details. I am hoping to take some pictures, but you never know the rules about picture taking at government stuff.

The SLC Tribune
Thomas Burr

WASHINGTON Vice President Dick Cheney will speak to a super-secret,conservative policy group in Utah on Friday during his second trip to the state this year.
Cheney will address the fall meeting of the Council for National Policy, a group whose self-described mission is to promote "a free-enterprise system, a strong national defense and support for traditional Western values."
The organization -- made up of few hundred powerful conservative activists -- holds confidential meetings and members are advised not to use the name of the group in communications, according to a New York Times profile of the group.
"The media should not know when or where we meet or who takes part in our programs, before [or] after a meeting,'' a list of rules obtained by The Times showed. The group did not respond to an e-mail seeking comment.
Czech Republic President Václav Klaus is also expected to address the Council for National Policy's meeting in downtown Salt Lake City. After his speech, Cheney will meet with Klaus, the vice president's office said Tuesday.
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who ran the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, will also be in Utah on Friday but his campaign did not respond to a question about whether he would talk with the group.
Cheney's visit is expected to be only a few hours, according to people familiar with the trip's details. The trip coincides with fundraisers in California, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming, Cheney's spokeswoman Lea Anne McBride said.
All of the events on the trip are closed to the public and the news media, McBride said.
Cheney last visited the state April 26 to give the commencement speech at Brigham Young University.


happy half birthday (on the 21st) leisy and jessica!

friday the 21st was my half birthday and i have always wanted an ice cream cake for my birthday and i have never gotten one. So this year for my half birthday taylor got me one. he really is wonderful. He surprised me and i really was surprised. (mostly because i had told him how badly i wanted it and i just didn't think he would do it). I couldn't figure out how he had gotten it without me knowing and he wasn't about to tell me. He quite enjoys driving me crazy. anyway, unfortunately for him but fortunately for me, cousin hailey forgot about the secret part and she spilled the beans about helping him get the cake. thank you hailey!!!! The cake was the chocolate kind from cold stone, it was incredible. i think we will try the other flavors in the years to come.


Our wonderful ward

Last night i felt like i was in high school again. One of the young women from the ward had a class presentation to do today and she needed my help so we stayed up late listening to music, eating cookies, and writing a paper/making a poster, and running to kinkos to get copies. It was fun! Silvia's project turned out quite well, and I learned all about the fashion designer Halston.
This is her in her beautiful arby's uniform holding up her poster.

Anyway, back to the title of this post. Last night as Silvia and I were driving to go wish someone a happy birthday, we realized that glorious ellen circle (also known as felon, or as referred to by the bishop in ward council, Hell-en circle) was full of police cars, and ambulance, and a fire truck. Of course we had to see what was going on and we learned that some guy on the street hit or beat his girlfriend and she had to be taken away in an ambulance. crazy. our ward is hysterical. the biggest and best news in ward council on sunday was that the ward drug dealer was caught violating his parol by selling drugs and he is finally back in prison. we also learned on sunday in ward council that if you go to orem.org, you can check out the police reports, and a whole lot of them happen in our ward boundaries. we sure love this ward. never a dull moment.


My Turn for Fame

So, during the first week of school, it was my turn to be interviewed. This time, they got a visual instead of just my voice. Don't worry, the girl who interviewed me is shorter than Laney and she had to stand on two boxes so the height difference wasn't too dramatic. Here's the link: http://byub.org/byuweekly/
If you click on watch the watch icon, and then scroll through to min 18:22, that's when I make be big, "small screen debut." (Well, I guess it's not a debut if you consider talking during Weather School during the 5th grade.) But here, I guess I actually know what I'm talking about...if you don't listen to the parts where I stumble over my words and repeat everything that I just said in a more generic manner. Oh well, when you only have one take to do it, that's what you get. I'm actually pretty impressed.

2 Weeks

Well. This is it. The last two weeks of crunch time. As of Sept 29, I will have officially taken the LSAT. No more of this horrible timed tests and Saturday mornings, unless I don't score as well as I hope, that is. (Sad, but true, that I am creating the formal logic diagram of that last sentence in my head and finding its contrapositive and searching for the gaps and articulating the assumptions....AHH!) It has been a summer of intense studying and thank goodness I have a patient wife who didn't mind driving me to the bus stop at 6 am all summer so I could use the time on the bus to study and then patiently waiting until 7 pm on some nights that I had study groups. Those were long days, and, we are hopeful, those long days are about to conclude. I took the test that was given last June yesterday, and faired okay. Not as well as I'd hoped, but okay. Laney reminded me of the progress that I had made all summer and assured me that she would love me no matter what score I got. Not that I worried, but hearing that was refreshing. She's so supportive and I can't imagine how I would have done this without her.
So, for the next two weeks, you can think about me, and more specifically, send your prayers more fervently for me that the psycological aspect of the test doesn't do me in. If you do, well, I'll probably never know, but I can promise you blessings. :) And who doesn't want those. So, do. I have to keep telling myself that this test isn't going to determine the rest of my life, though in some ways it is. And that's how I'll cope with what I have termed the "psych" factor. Then I'll be okay.


romantic getaway to watch the kokanee salmon spawning

we went with hailey and steve to strawberry reservoir to watch the kokanee spawning. they told us it would be romantic and it surely was. you can see their blog for more wonderful picks, haileyandsteve.blogspot.com this pic below is steve holding the nasty crawdad i found. they made me fish it out of the stream with a rock and stick- i was already in the stream so that is why i had to do it. it looks small but it wasn't!

Here they are, spawning! the salmon are normally just regular fish color but during spawning season they turn bright orange!!! it was incredible.

here we are standing next to the stream. we had to walk through nasty stinky sage and really painful thistle. next time we go on an outing with steve and hailey we are going to take hiking boots!

jack loves taylor. i think he really just loves being so high up off the ground.

we really are becoming environmentalists, steve has been somewhat successful in converting us. who else goes on a nice sunday drive to watch the spawning kokanee?


labor day

our labor day was fantastic. we started it out with a ward breakfast and then we went swimming up at the spanish fork reservoir with hailey and steve. it sure is nice when you have great family around that you love to spend time with. Hailey and Steve and Jack are fantastic and really hilarious. and going places with steve outdoors is always an adventure, he loves the outdoors and is super knowledgeable about everything. he is kind of converting taylor and myself to more environmentalist ways. we think we may go camping with them in october.

this is after taylor and i took a little inflatable kayak to the center of the reservoir. once we got to the middle, you could still see the bottom, the water was really quite clean and it was only about 12 feet deep. i made taylor dive to the bottom to get some white thing i saw, it turned out to be garbage, he got me back when he tipped the kayak over. but he can never get me back for that dead catfish i threw at him last summer on our trip to moab. he had a large red welt for days. turns out dead cat fish are poisonous. who knew.

this is jack, he is as cute as ever. he quite loved the swim.

After our wonderful afternoon at the reservoir we decided to go find a little restaurant with fresh fruit shakes. steve told us he would pick out the flavors if we waited in the car. he came back with some delicious shakes and a wonderful surprise, a footlong hotdog with cheddar cheese salsa sauce on it. the rule was, we all had to take a bite. Hailey couldn't stand to look at it.
jack loved the hotdog.


And then there were two....

Today was my last official day as one of Provo's official takers of weather. I just went from 3 jobs to 2. Woot woot! Now, I'm just a substitute at the weather station. I thought I'd share some pictures so you can all see how wonderful this job was. And I know you were all dying to see what it was that I did when I said "I take the weather."
This is the whole shebang, minus the ugly white shed that houses the inside instruments. The white vented box keeps a thermometer and a hygrometer (measures the humidity).

Below is inside the shed. This is the barometer that looks like it is bleeding. The red ink tracks the air pressure for the past 24 hours. Kind of high tech, I know.
The thermometer that measures like the barometer and hygrometer. I'm happy in this picture because it is almost done.

I'm adding water to the evaporation pan. There is little needle that has to be covered by water every day and I have to add just enough water so it gets recovered. It is quite exciting. Sometimes, I don't know how, but tadpoles start to live inside the little pan. I think it is because the botany pond is just across the street and they somehow get over here. When that happens, I put some bleach in the mix of water to get rid of the little guys. They can't be messing with the measurements of highly technical science. Also, I take the high and low temp of the water and the miles of wind that have occured next to the evaporation pan. You can see the silver cup that measures the miles of wind in the bottom corner of the picture.

After it is all said and done, I call the numbers in to the National Weather Service and Channel 5. Yeah, that's my claim to fame. Channel 5 gets its weather from me. Without me, Kevin Eubank would have nothing to say (about provo that is)Go me.

view from our front door

we have wonderfully blustery weather here in orem. i love overcast weather. i am so happy summer is unofficially over. enough of the sun! i really hate sunny day after sunny day. i think i would be happy in seattle.