We have had some complaints about the music on our blog (Jessica), and we have changed it, but we want you all to know why we are putting weird music on our blog. The song you have been hearing was called Molitva and it was the 2007 Eurovision contest winner the artist was from Serbia. Eurovision is a contest I learned all about on my mission (Latvija was the winner that year) and I have been kind of follwing it ever since. Almost every country in Europe sends an entry and people all over Europe can vote for the winner by texting in a vote (Kind of like American Idol) Some of the famous winners from the past were ABBA and Celine Dion (from switzerland I think). Anyway, so this summer when Taylor and I were in Europe, the Eurovision contest was actually happening, and for the first time ever, I got to watch all the contestants and their songs. Anyway, it was hysterical and wonderful. The song currently playing on our blog is Great Britain's entry. It is probably my favorite. And the video above was the weirdest entry, they were from Ukraine, the aluminium outfit is my favorite part. We love Eurovision and we can only hope they broadcast it in the US in the years to come.


halloween cookies and pork chops

so last night we made pumpkin sugar cookies. taylor wanted to play scrabble but i convinced him that cookies would be better and that he could decorate the pumpkin's faces. Taylor loves scrabble, and i guess you could say that I am starting to like it. I beat him in a very long game Sunday night, but I got most of my points by addding the letter s to all of taylor's big words. I kind of felt bad but, at least I won.

Last night we decided to have pork chops but we ahad one problem, we didn't have apples. You see, apples and pork go together. And pork chops are dull without apples. So we drove up into our little parking space behind our apartment and there coming over the fence from the neighbors back yard was an apple tree, covered with apples. So, we picked some, the tree was overgrown and their were rotten apples all over the ground, and every apple we picked had a worm hole in it, but we had apples. I made Taylor cut all the worm holes out and the yucky parts. The apples were delicious, and so were the pork chops.


work at the moa

My job is terrific. This past Saturday I had a lot to do at work, and I convinced all my store girls to come in and help. We worked in the store before it opened, we organized and cleaned and had breakfast together. I really think I may have one of the greatest jobs ever. I get paid to spend money and shop. And I get to hire the people who work for me, and I love them. Going to work is like being with a bunch of friends all day. I love the people I work with, I can't believe how much I learn everyday. Just today we had a lecture on the transition ofmodernism to post-modernism combined with minimalism and conceptualism. Incredible! It sounds difficult, and it was. I think Campbell(our museum director) plans on giving the lecture over and over again until we get it. We have a post-modernist show coming and he wants us to understand it. Anyway, I sure love the Museum,and I sure love the people here. They are like a second family. They all have PhD and Masters degrees in art and even though the last art class i took was in seventh grade, they all treat me like I am one of them. They even appreciate my layman opinion, they seem to think it gives them insight on how the non-art community views the musuem. Today I am grateful for such a wonderful job that often times doesn't even feel like work.


corn maze

So we went to the Thanksgiving point for Young Womens. It was quite enjoyable but it was full of obnoxiously loud teenagers. Our Young Women's organization is slowly dwindling, silvia (on of our young women) ran away from home last week and is living with a family that won't let her come to anything church related. I just hope she moves back home, and chances are she will, she has done this before. anyway our adventure at the corm maze was fun, this picture is Shanese, me, Sammie, and Becca (sis. shirts) I quite like the young women, but I have managed to get the Young men's organization against me. The young men actualy like me, it is their leaders that i have crossed. I just speak my mind a little too much i guess.


To cut or not to cut...

So, Laney is deciding whether she wants to cut her hair or not. This is a luxury I wish I had. I just want to know how I would look with longer hair without going through the long stage of growing it out and such. What's your vote? Keep it as it is or cut it?
The goal is to get the Katie Holmes cut. The pic on the left is the closest we could get.

Now's your chance to vote.


Jerry Seinfeld - Airports

If you have an extra 7 minutes, you must watch this!!!


Another Book Read

So, I had to do a book report on a novel or work that highlighted an urban issue. My first thought was to read Tale of Two Cities but another stipulation was that you can't read something you have already read. I enlisted the help of my neighbors, Ammon and Erin, to find a book. Ammon is a high school English teacher in West Jordan and I believe that Erin graduated in English as well and we (all 4 of us) like to discuss books. We have a collection that they continually give us, most of which we don't have time to read, but have every intention to. I told them I wanted a short read, considering I wasn't really thrilled for this assignment to be due so early in the semester and that I had plenty of studying to keep me busy. We went through their shelves (surprisingly quite a few for our size apartment) and found Winesburg, Ohio. I'd never heard of it, but he said it was an American classic and one that was really good. I took his word and read it this week for my class....
It was the wierdest book I have ever read. It is basically 24 short stories connected by one character, George Willard, and Main Street, the life blood of the town. I couldn't put it down, but not because it was so good, but because I had to write a paper on it. I wanted to put it down. I wanted to skip to the end (and thanks to Sparknotes, I did, and then read the last few chapters to take away some of the guilt) but if this is one of Ammon's favorites (which we all know he doesn't like favorites), then we clearly have different tastes in literature. And that's alright, because I still really like him, and his wife for that matter. They are always there when we need a cup of oats or toothpicks (we still have your box by the way) or a stud finder. The book was just a little too depressing for my taste, and though I generally like "coming of age" stories, there was nothing really redeemable about George at the end. It is very disjointed and had I given it more effort, I would probably like it more. I did like the Old Testament imagery though. The symbolism is very cool. I don't think it is coincidence that David Bentley, a young whippersnapper, picks up a rock and fires it with a ready made slingshot at his grandpa chasing him, hitting his grand-dad square in the forehead. Nor the part about Jesse Bentley taking David out to the woods to be offered as sacrifice. These people are weird in Winesburg, Ohio, and I, for one, sure hope to visit to see what the town is really like.


ugly babies

So all my life I have had this tremendous fear that I would have ugly babies. This morning while I was in the shower I was thinking what I would do if Taylor and I had an ugly baby. Anyway, so I asked Taylor what he thought and he of course replied, "we aren't going to have ugly babies, we are good looking people, plus look at baby Zeb, he is incredibly cute, and I am way better looking than kent." (sorry kent). And since baby Zeb's DNA is half my DNA our babies will probably look similar. So my fear left me for a bit and then I realized that plenty of beautiful people have ugly babies. Anyway then Taylor made me promise I would love our babies even if they are ugly, but I just don't know if I can.So i didn't promise him anything. He will have to do the loving if they are ugly. I can love an ugly newborn, all newborns are pretty ugly, even Zeb was, but he got much better. Anyway, one of my greatest fears is that I will have a baby with lots of hair. I really don't like babies that are born with a full head of hair, sorry if any of you were born with lots o'hair. I just think they look like rats. Anyhow, I guess I would have to shave my baby's head.


life is kind of boring...

so i wish we had something exciting to share, but nothing too exciting going on here. Leisy, i took a picture of Natasha for you. She looks teeny but i think she is due in December.

This past weekend was the ward chili cook-off. Taylor and I kind of cheated so our favorite Chilis won. We each voted at least ten times and our two favorites got first and second place. Taylor's favorite won- I was kind of ad. But it was Ammon and Erin's chili and it was pretty good. However, I am glad to know that my cheating influence is rubbing off on Taylor- but he will claim that he only stuffed the ballot to counteract my cheating.

The ward party was quite enjoyable and we took a picture of the two cutest kids in the ward- Jack and India. Leisy, I tried to take other pictures of the funny looking kids so you could see them but I didn't know how I could explain it to their parents.


my day with the vice president

I finally found the time to sit down and blog! Hooray. Last friday was the big day with Vice President Cheney, and it was an incredible experience. I learned that when people think you work for the whitehouse and you have the secret service pin, and the radio in your ear, with that little thing you hold in your hand and talk into, people will do almost anything you want. We got the event ready, i did everything from setting up the flags behind the stage, and making sure the hotel staff set up the chairs and stage correctly to buying the vice president his sprite zero (he only drinks sprite zero and decaff coffee). So Ibought the vice president's soda, i promised leisy i would post a picture of it, so here it is, in my car!

After buying the soda, we got ready for the Vice President's arrival,we worked a lot with the secret service, and my job was to get all the people ready who were greeting the vice president, and they were some heavy hitters, one of them was the reverend Billy Graham's Daughter, another woman was the mother of the ceo of Blackwater security (the company all over the news right now) and some other fancy schmancy people. Anyway, I lined them all up and gave them instructions, then the vice president came in with his motorcade and I took the Lt. Governor and his wife to their alotted seats. I worked on their campaign, so needless to say they were surprised to see me working for the vice president. Anyway, after that the meeting started and i worked with the people hosting the conference in the question and answer session of the Vice President's speech and afterewards I met the President of the Czech Republic and his entourage, my job was to escort them around the event and to meet the VP. It was incredible, there i was chatting with the president of the Czech Republic, and in Russian. He wasn't quite as friendly as his assistants, but i guess the president of a small former soviet nation, can't be all that friendly. Anyway after it was all over i had to take the Vice President's advisor on International Affairs to the airport, he had been in the private meeting with the vp and the czech president and he talked to me about it and answered my questions. I guess it was a friendly diplomatic meeting and they just chatted about the missile defense system the US is putting in Poland and the Czech Republic. Anyway, overall it was a really fantastic experience. And it was really quite fun.