My first video

I have made a movie. It is my attempt, and thank goodness it was a joint attempt. We made it for our public lands class, and I was in charge of the script. Hearing it makes me think that perhaps I should have read aloud first, but it gets the point across all the same. I thought you'd enjoy it. Thank goodness I had a good group member who is good with editing. Enjoy, but Laney says you only need to see the first two minutes. I guess it lost her interest.

Microsoft office 2007

So I don't know how many of you have used Microsoft Office 2007, probably not many, and consider yourselves lucky! BYU has decided to install Microsoft office 2007 on all the computers on campus and the whole student body is going crazy, there are confused students all over the llibrary cussing at computers. As finals approach, none of us can write our papers because we don't know how! All of the other past upgrades have just made a few changes that world was able to cope with, but everything has changed, I spent an hour trying to spell check my dang paper yesterday and it kept telling me it was finshed, but there were mispellings everywhere. So my advice to all, is keep your old windows and don't convert!!! I decided to see if the rest of the world was having as difficult a time with it and I found quite a few negative reviews of the product, this one is my favorite:

"To my dismay, Word and Excel have been catastrophically redesigned to the point of being useless. If you are a veteran user of these programs, you will find that many keyboard shortcuts are no longer functional. Colors and effects you are used to in Excel graphs are no longer possible to replicate. Menus are extinct in these programs and have been replaced with a horribly gaudy ribbon that must have been designed for and by complete idiots. The reasoning for such a comprehensive overhaul of two previously very functional programs escapes me. Obviously, the engineers have never heard the saying, "if it aint broke, don't fix it." Go to the ends of the earth to find a copy of Office 2003 before wasting any money on this product. Good luck!"

So over time, it will probably become easier to use, but until then, all the teachers on campus are going to have many a paper turned in with spelling errors, spacing problems, strange fonts, and weird colors. Hooray for finals.


thanksgiving, christmas, and my haircut

Here we sit, it is sunday night and Taylor and I are dreading monday morning. Tomorrow means the start of finals and papers, and seeing as how I work two retail jobs, a long next month. However, we have had a tremendous past week and we are getting all ready for Christmas. Our apartment is almost all decorated. You can see our tree above. Taylor wanted an all white light tree but the tree I had was already pre-strung so we have colored lights. But once it was up Taylor decided he really liked it and was glad to have a change. He hasn't ever had colored lights before and now he has seen the best of the colored christmas light world.

Our thanksgiving was great as well, I would post a picture but we are sending it to my mom for her to post on her blog, so you can see it there once she gets it up. We started at Taylor's brother and sister in Law's house and ended up at my parents house. It was a great day, we started it out by sleeping in (this is 7:30 for us, we wished we could have slept longer but our bodies wouldn't let us) and we eventually got out of bed, did some dishes, we went running (yes, we went together, and yes, Taylor's stride is 73 times longer than mine but we somehow make it work). After our run Taylor got on the roof and put our swamp cooler covers on. Our apartment is now a tad bit warmer. We still only have to turn the heat on for a few hours a day.

I also got a haircut this past week. So thank you to all who voted in the poll. I quite like my haircut. I am not in love with it, but I must say I am happy with it and it is a needed change. Taylor says he likes it and I am pretty sure I believe him, (he would never tell me if he didn't like it). Here is the picture. Please don't mind that I am in my robe, it is almost ten, and it is my bedtime. I will try and come up with a better picture later. This is mostly for leisy who was demanding a picture.

I have become the ward hairstylist. For some strange reason, the young women think I can cut hair, so last week I cut Silvia's hair and tonight Sammie came over and told me she wanted short hair like mine, so we cut it. I didn't get any before pictures but I did take an after. Silvia is on the left, you can't see her hair much at all but we just cut off five inches and left it the same style, but Sammie's was a little more drastic, and she wanted swooping bangs and layers! (I don't know how to cut swooping bangs or layers but it kind of worked out)

I worked a lot this past week and Taylor and I shopped a lot. We bought Taylor some new shoes at Nordstrom Rack (its the only place in the state that carries a size 15 shoe!) He tried on a bucket load of shoes, and we finally found a pair we liked.

I also decided to post a picture from the gap. I thought this picture may make Leisy a little homesick for the gap, but there is nothing better than a good picture of Matt and Fairy Bell eating pumpkin pie the day after thanksgiving in the break room at the good old Gap.

So a lot more than all this happened this past week, but you can only put so much in blog. Our holiday season has started out wonderfully and I am sure it will get better. We are currently making our christmas list and we may post it so you all know what you can get us. Merry Christmas!


My lexicon

Laney told me this morning that I couldn't use large words before 8 a.m. She said that polemical was too long of a word to stay whilst still rubbing the sleep from your eyes. So, I guess that my quintessential pontifications have been floccinaucinihilipilificated.

the christmas tree

So before I tell you all about our first major problem in our marriage, I want to share my thoughts on taylor's tag post. Some of you may be asking yourselves how I feel about Taylor's desire to be a diva, and I can't really say I support him in it, however when he first told me last week, I about died. We were driving to school, and I plugged in my ipod so we could listen to christmas music, and the first song that came on was Celine Dion's O Holy Night, Taylor of course started to sing along (which isn't out of the ordinary) but then all of a sudden out of nowhere, Taylor declared, "songs like these make me want to be a diva!" I was hysterical, I don't think I stopped laughing for quite some time, and I seriously considered heading straight to the doctor to have taylor injected with shots of testosterone, but then I remembered that how grateful I am to be married to someone who wants to be a diva and doesn't sit around and watch sports center all day, and who would rather decorate the house with me then do anything else. I sure love him.

Anyway, about the whole Taylor becoming an environmentalist, it is true, he really is. At first I was a little concerned, but I am now starting to see things a little differently, and with Steve across the street to encourage Taylor's liberal ways, we may even have a bumper sticker on our car in the near future that wants to Save wild utah, or drain lake powell. Taylor keeps telling me how big yards are a waste and a poor use of land, I think he wants to live in a row house in some major city somewhere. We are even taking heed to the global warming woes. While I believe that the debate is not over about global warming, I say, what is it going to hurt to be a little more friendly to the environment and the Earth? So we are changing some of our behavior and trying to be more green.

So now on to the more pressing problem, marital strife. I think Taylor and I had our first official problem which we could not really resolve. We put up our Christmas tree last night, (pictures to come, it isn't quite ready) and as we prepared for bed, Taylor went to turn out the Christmas lights, I explained to him that the lights needed to stay on all night, and he quickly responded that it was a waste of energy. I explained to him that part of christmastime is waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and seeing the glow of lights from the front room, or waking up to go to the gym in the wee hours of the morning and not needing to turn the lights on because of the christmas tree glow. Taylor disagreed and I was sad. Taylor unplugged the lights and I sadly headed off to bed. Once taylor got in bed he told me he would compromise, so this morning at 5:40 he jumped out of bed before me, and plugged the lights in so I could have them on as I got ready to go the gym. I am still not completely happy with the compromise, I woke up last night to go to the bathroom and I was sad to see no christmas tree, but for now, this will have to do. He says that the five days before christmas we can leave the lights on all night.


It's My Turn

Well, I have finally found a break in my studying for midterms, my two jobs, my writing papers, my time consuming freshman, my calling, my volunteer hours at the museum, and my wonderful wife to respond to my tag. I was talking to a coworker this morning how I'm getting better at writing papers because I'm doing a lot more of the writing in my head before I even start writing. The time I spend now, as compared with the time during my first year of college, is dramatically different. Now, I don't feel bad when I just read the abstract and conclusion and just skim through the statistical methods that, really, don't add to my understanding anyway. So, here it goes--6 six things that you NEVER knew about me, Daniel Taylor Hawes, Esquire. I thought long and hard about these, so I hope they ellicit plenty of gasps, sighs, "No ways!!," and however else you want to respond to this long awaited post.

1- Recently, I have been impressed with the first Clinton presidency. GASP! I know, it is hard for me to believe and can just hear my uncle Tal screaming in my ear, but maybe Lynne would be proud. I'm in a public lands class and we've looked at the differences in policies between the Clinton and Bush II presidencies, and I must admit, I find myself more in accord with President Clinton and Bruce Babbit when it comes to environmental (gasp again) issues. Granted, I understand that much of what they did was for political advantage (Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument as a prime example), but in the back of my mind I hear a little voice saying, "A step in the conservation/preservation direction has got to be better than letting those ATV/OHV nuts rape and pillage the land." I actually teared up when I saw a picture of bulldozer plowing down trees for a new trail. It shocked me, but hey, I guess that's where I'm standing. P.S. - This in no way is my endorsement for Hillary. She still kinda drives me crazy.

2- Now that you've picked yourself up (mom), you can continue reading. I promise no more huge testimony-shaking revelations. I have two deep desires, that, were it not for the lifestyle associated with them, I would be all over them. One, I used to dream (and often still do) about being an interior decorator. I just have this propensity to organize and rearrange things and make everything look better. Were it not for the extremely effeminate nature this industry has turned, I would have made my career in Interior Design. My second desire came to head this week when I told Laney, as we were listening to Celine Dion, "Listening to Celine makes me want to be a diva." I totally blame this one on my aunt Malee for always listening to Celine Dion, Mariah Carrey, Barbara Steisand, Whitney Houston, Bette Midler, and others when we travelled to Idaho and elsewhere. She instilled that spirit in me. When I say I want to be a diva, it is because when I sing along with them, I feel so darn good inside, and that all my musical inabilities are completely removed and supplanted with impecable talent and vocal ability. (I'm listening to Celine as I type.)
3- My way-too-long book list that I frequently ask for gifts from stems from another desire than you might not think. I tell people that I love to read, and while that is true, I like the idea of being well-read better than the thought of reading. I'm quite a slow reader (as Laney can attest) and get lost in the language. This explains why I like Victorian literature, and my mind wanders and, thus, I never make it through many novels that I piously and ambitiously intend to read. The only thing that gets me through some of the more boring parts is that I can say, "Yeah, I've read that" followed with "and according to my Marxist analysis..." and then astound them with something I've just made up on the spot.
4- My favorite flavor of the artificial sort is lemon. I love lemon. Anything lemon is wonderful and refreshing to me. I love lemon starbursts, lemon skittles, lemon jolly ranchers, lemonheads, lemon anything. I must have different taste buds from other people because no one else seems to like them nearly as much as I do. Lemon cake, lemon frosting, lemonade ice cream dessert, lemon sorbet. Sometimes, I even take the little lemon in my water and just squeeze those sweet juices into my salivating mouth. Yum. I heart lemons.

5- After my mission, I went and apologized to my piano teacher for not practicing when I said I would practice. I got so sick of people telling me they read the Book of Mormon and when I asked them what they liked, they couldn't give me any specifics. I was so frustrated, and one day while walking through Hyde Park (I remember it still) I had an epiphany that the feeling I had was the exact same feeling that Misty had everytime I showed up and said that I had practised but just "forgot" to record what I had done. So, she let me play, and I proved to her, without saying a word, that indeed I had failed, again, to practice. I felt awful. So bad, yes, that I went to her house a few weeks after getting home and apologized. She just laughed and said that I wasn't the only one, and she knew every time I didn't practice, but that she understood and was glad that I now understood. Gosh I miss her. And I really miss piano lessons. Too bad I don't have a recital to shoot for anytime soon. I feed off of performing. Anywho...

6- During my freshman year, I was super envious of my roommate because he was ridiculously smart, incredibly talented, and athletic. He could draw, sing, play soccer, do physics, among other things, but it was the first time in my life that I realized that you didn't have to be either athletic or musical. I suffered from major major regret for not taking Coach Martineau up on his walk-on position to the sophomore basketball team, even willing to waive the required physical. I was mad at myself for not stretching myself a little bit further than I expected of myself. Not that I didn't love what I did, I just realized that I could have done more and still had fun. So life goes, I guess. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. To compensate, I'm taking raquetball next semester. Maybe that can reduce my remorse.

I hereby end the line of tagging that was given to me. Not that I didn't have fun, but I didn't really want to coerce someone else into digging to find six things they never knew/wanted to reveal about themselves. Plus, I don't have the time to check other's blogs as they respond to my tag. So, it's not that I don't like you, I'm just thinking about yours and mine interests. Besides, that last one took me longer than I thought. I guess I need to work on my prewriting skills a bit better.


here goes it.

So I have been tagged a number of times in the past and I have always kind of ingnored it., there isn't much about me that people don't know. But since I don't have anything else to post, here goes it...

1. When Taylor and I first started dating, I never in a million years thought I would marry him, and for the first four or five months I was thinking of ways to break up with him, I just never had the guts to do it. And when he told me he loved me for the first time, my first thought was, well that makes one of us. I didn't tell him I loved him back for months. He still reminds me often that he has loved me longer and always will.

2. Although most of you already know this story, it is my favorite. I got my appendix out in a soviet hospital where I was forced to walk through the hospital hallway with nothing on but a hat and booties, and then I was tied down naked to a table where I remained awake for the entire operation. Once they found my appendix, I asked if I could keep it (Leisy and I kept our tonsils in little jars for years and years when we got them out, we may still have them somewhere) anyway, they told me I couldn't keep it, but they let me see it. Not many people can say they have seen their appendix.

3. I hate being told what to do and how to do things by people who think they know best or better than me. Leisy and I are very much alike in that, when people push us too hard, we will always push back harder. I am about as stubborn as they come. I think it came from my mom and dad, all the Oswald sisters could give anyone a run for their money with stubbornness. While sometimes it gets me in trouble, it also helps me out. I don't get walked on by others, and things normally turn out how I want them to.

4. After graduate school I want to take the foreign service exam and go to hair school. I figure if taylor gets to put us in debt with his schooling, why not add an extra $6,000.00 for more schooling for me. :)

5. I love to travel, and I will travel the world for the rest of my life. I still have 4 more continents to go and a lot more countries to see. Taylor and I want to see India next and maybe Peru, and Machu Pichu. I also want to run a marathon in Africa or somewhere exotic.

6. People told Taylor and me that marriage would be hard, and thus far, we think they were all lying. It is a piece of cake. They say it gets harder with time and with kids, but my philosphy is that how can life ever be that hard when you have the most wonderful husband in the world to live it with? The only thing that would really be super hard is if taylor were to die. Cause then, I would have to do everything alone.

7. While I am not overly obsessed with entertainment news like my sister, I am obsessed with tv shows like Law and Order, and CSI. I could watch the shows for hours and hours and never get tired of it. When it gets to gross, I just close my eyes. I am also addicted to the news. I love the news and I can't go a day without it.


bad luck

So on Monday night Taylor broke two of our favorite glasses and the bad luck started (i know it wasn't a mirror but nonetheless the bad luck is here) Our meth/herion addict neighbor came over during it all (i am not sure if she was the bad luck, or if she just brought it over with her). She was telling us some story about her husband beating her up and then someone stealing her wallet and that she needed money. Taylor stayed in the kitchen with the broken glasses while i told her we wouldn't give her any money and she left. Anyway, so we woke up the next morning and I broke another glass (I think that means years more of bad luck). So we went on with our day and as we drove home from work we got a flat tire, of course the spare is in the trunk underneath all the tacky wedding presents we got that we still keep with us for hopes we will someday find the store they belong to so we can return them. We finally got the tire and jack out but the jack was missing that turning part, we found a screwdriver in the car that kind of worked and within 30 minutes we were on our way, we hurried over the the school to vote which of course was wonderful until we realized this morning that referendum 1 hadn't passed (we knew it was a slim chance anyway). We really just wanted to see it pass to see all the people who were crazy against it and what they would do with themsleves. And we really liked the oreo commercial. So we hope our bad luck is over, or that at least we don't break any more glasses.


Little Trip to Denver

In addition to our fun filled Halloween, we took a little trip to Denver this week. The museum recently acquired a new painting that has been being conserved for the past few weeks. The registar of the museum (Emily), the museum accountant (Brayden) and Laney and I got to go, in addition to some donors and other staff. Just for the record, I was the only non-museum employee or donor on this trip. Additionally, I was the youngest, the only one without a college degree, and the easiest one to find in a crowded place. I guess I know why I was needed. Anyway, Emily, Brayden, Laney, and I got to drive over on Thursday and got back tonight. We'll have to post more pictures when we get them from Emily, but here's a slice of what we have.This is outside the Denver Art Museum, known to locals as the DAM. They have shirts and mugs in the gift shop that say "DAM! That's good art." We laughed. Anyway, we were just swept away by all the art and fun that we had. There was an exhibit from the Louvre, which, to be honest, was quite boring. You know, once you've seen an 18th Century urn from Versailles, you've seen them all. But, we went, and it wasn't bad. The coolest part was the contemporary art collection. We like how weird artists get. I'm baffled by their creativity and how their ideas are never ending. One of my favorites was a wall of lenses that were all different sizes, and hung from fishing line. It is really hard to explain, but it was really cool.

Before we went to the museum, we went to the conservator and got a little tour and introduction into the world of art conservation. The building was this dark warehouse looking thing in the middle of a neighborhood outside the downtown that was a little run down. The windows to the place were darkened. It was pretty weird walking through a little sketchy neighborhood into a place where there were millions of dollars worth of paintings being preserved. Kinda crazy, but very informative. One of the more interesting pieces they were working on was a mural for the Utah State Capitol. On it there were two high powered magnets, and when Laney asked what they were for, one of the conservators said, "They're giving the painting more energy."

We stayed Friday night with Liz and Matt, and had a blast. They were great to drive us around and take us where we needed to go. Much to our surprise, Kurt was there on business, so we all went out to dinner in downtown Denver and then went back to Liz and Matt's. It was very relaxing but quite enjoyable. As always, Matt and Liz's kids were bouncing off the walls and cuter than ever. Mallory snuggled up next to me in bed when we woke up and just breathed in my face. Oh, she's adorable. And Eli's eyes couldn't get any bigger. Sorry, Isaac, we didn't take a picture of you, but we still think you're cool and playing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a blast. I can hardly wait to practice my ninja skills on you when you come to visit this Christmas.

it's been awhile.

Sorry for not blogging for so long, we have had a great and eventful week, it has just been busy. Halloween was great. The ward party was somewhat enjoyable, there was just a little bit too much going on. I think evreyone would have been happy with candy costumes and dinner but it was way more. Anyhow here are some of the pictures.

yes, these are our costumes, They were my idea, but it was a joke, taylor however really wanted to do it, so I consented. Taylor looked much more like a nerdy dictionary than i looked like a thesaraus, I guess he makes a better nerd then me.

Steve was a pirate and we thought he was hysterical, our favorite part was the rooster type thing attached to his shoulder.

Leisy, here is carrie amado, london dressed up as dorothy and JP was the scarecrow, it was really quite cute. I took some other pictures for you but some got deleted on accident. Anyhow, our Halloween was quite uneventful. We had a nice flow of trick or treaters and we made french dip sandwiches for ourselves.