So, I know that this happened a week ago, but since it was finals for the both of us this week and Leisy and Kent came into town, we've been a little swamped. The best final for me was when I walked into the classroom and the teacher handed us all note that said, "You're grade as of today is __________. You can either take this grade or take the test and factor it in." Considering my blank had an A written and that I didn't really study that hard for this test, I just signed my name at the bottom of the paper and left along with the other 75% of the class that didn't want to take the test either. I was hoping my professor on Thursday did the same, but of course, he didn't.

The pictures are from our trip up the Polar Express last Friday with Hailey and Steve and their little squirt of a son. Laney was given four tickets from KBYU and we thought it would be fun to go. I think the pictures make it look more than it really is. We sat next to the door and the elves on the train kept opening it up and leaving it open. The "hot chocolate" they gave us was no longer hot. Originally, the tickets were $30 for a ride to the "North Pole" visit Santa and then ride back. We couldn't understand why the tickets were that expensive. Had we have paid, it would have been $120. The most frustrating part was that Santa only gave the bells to the children. I still believe in Santa, why can't I have a bell for being put through that long train ride. Jack loved Santa. "San! San! San!" And he loved the elves. They danced when we were caroling, and Jack just stared. We think he was a little confused with their costumes.

PS - We're still waiting for our cookies that are shaped like Josh and McKenna. Wink wink, nudge nudge.


We found this on Metta's facebook page

Can you see the man in the coffee beans? It's kinda creepy.


A Carmen San Diego-less Christmas

So, this Christmas, I have had to do without one of my favorite Holiday Treats. During my junior year of high school, I purchased a Christmas Album by Rockapella. I thought, "Carmen San Diego meets Yuletide Cheer" is bound to be a hit. And for me it was. I know that McKenna may not agree with this, but often I would listen to this Christmas CD in the middle of July. The tunes were sweet, the harmonies tight, and they even had a version of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" with a wicked base line. But, alas, as I went to find it this year, it is nowhere to be found. I'm so distressed. I've tried to find all the songs on imeem, but I can only find one, which I have played for you. I keep checking through my CDs in hope that it will turn up, but I have yet to have anything come up. It is driving me crazy.

Luckily, to cure my men's ensemble fix, we got tickets to the MoTab Christmas Concert, with none other than the Kings Singers. Oooo. I am so excited. I guess if you can't have Rockapella, you'll have to settle for the Kings Singers. That contralto just gives me the chills sometimes.


finals. boo.

Finals are just around the corner and I don't remember being this busy and overwhelmed since I was an undergrad taking 17 credits instead of 6! But it is mostly my fault, I could have started my papers a long time ago but instead, I have two weeks to write one 20 page paper and one 10 page paper, while working 60 hours a week. I think if I were still in my prime staying up late years, I would be fine, but I currently cannot keep my eyes open past 9:30. Anyway, boo to papers and finals. I was never meant to be an academian, I am just horrible at all this studying paper writing stuff. Thank heavens this next semester is my last for classes. Anyway, we haven't posted anything too exciting for a while and my friend emily sent me some of our denver pictures that we never posted, so here they are.

This first one is me with a giant statue- as you can clearly see, the pose was taylor's idea.

This is the four of us that drove to denver together, the girl is my good friend Emily who works at the museum and then braden who works here as well. I can't believe how long my hair was, and that I chopped it all off.

Here we are, a mile high! It has nothing to with the mile high club :) If you look really close you can see the mile marked. This is the steps of the Denver capitol building.

Taylor kissing the statue, also not my idea. I don't think he should be kissing other woman even if they are made of stone.