I love holidays. Any excuse to wear pink and eat sugar cookies all day makes me as happy as can be. I think we need a few more holidays in the year. My day has already been great, other than the treacherous drive to the gym this morning in the snow.   My spinning teacher gave us all boxes of conversation hearts and he played love songs and he wore his red spandex outfit for class (thank heavens the lights are out!)
Anyway, I just wanted to say Happy Valentines Day! I am sure happy I have taylor today. This morning as he sang his strange love songs in the shower I thought to myself, I sure love that kid. Happy Valentine's Day Taylor, I love you. 


Kent and Leisy said...

it was a he?? and he wore spandex on a bike. way grosser than the stringy thing that zeb ate.

Kent and Leisy said...

and you of all people have never needed an excuse to wear pink!

Annie O said...

Great Blog. Michelle and Annie say Hi from Boise. We miss you - wish you were here playing in the sun with us. Happy President's Day!

Auntie Michelle and Mom

eyre blog said...

Last night Talmadge finally told me you said hi! I asked him when he talked to you and he said Charity's farewell!! So today I got on the computer to reunite with blogs and wanted to see what you are doing. You are still going a mile a minute and you are, what?, 6 months pregnant? Why am I not surprised? CONGRATS on the Baby!!! She's got to be a girl so you can dress her up in pink. But I guess if he's a boy that just means more pink for you!
p.s. Be honest, were you a little tempted to ask your instructor to burrow his spandex?

Wanamakers in Boston said...

Spandex can be very hazardous to the health! :)

It's been a while! We stumbled into your blog and would love to catch up with you guys! Give us a call or email if you have a chance! (benwanamaker@gmail.com)


Ben and Kelcy

Hansen Household said...

Laney~ Hello!!!! It's been a long time and I am glad that Leisy found my blog. I have always wondered what you two were up to. Congrats on the baby on the way; that is so exciting. Anyways we have a blog too you can check out- hansenspuds.blogspot.com.

I just saw a comment on here from Ben Wannamaker- oh the good old days. We have some great memories. By the way Cherie Hansen (I forget her maiden name; but she was your roomie at Rick's and she's from Orem) is in my ward here in Boise.

Kim Hansen (Hudson)

Joseph said...

Congratulations on the baby!

The Givens Family said...

Laney!!! I'm so glad that Leisy found my blog. I miss you guys! I think about you guys often and have wondered how you were doing. I read on your blog that you're expecting, how fun, being a mom is amazing. I'm so glad that I can keep track of you guys now.