During the past year as a technical authority for the City of Lehi, I have become intimately familiar with mutts. Yes, those hicks in Lehi love their mongrels, and they like them in all shapes, sizes, colors, and whatever other adjective you can think of to describe them.

Today, I saw one that resembled this puppy. Thank goodness there was a sturdy chainlink fence inbetween us, or else I might not be typing this right now. The one today did have one green eye and one brownish/blue eye. I hope our child gets that allele.
This is never a reception I recieve. I walk around with Laney's iPod in, listening to classical literature or the Wicked soundtrack--to drown out at least some of the monotony of the day. Drowning out the monotony also drowns out the approaching canine, and being the jumpy person that I am, I am quite often startled by a large bark coming from the other side of the fence. If Laney saw me, she would just laugh and laugh at my jumpiness. It happens rather frequently. If dogs received me with this cute smile, I might be less jumpy. Probably not, though.

None of the dog's I've seen can play the didgeridoo.
I usually see dogs that look like these

Luckily I have only been bitten once. I guess it serves me right for just watching a dog bite my companion and I did absolutely nothing to stop it and just laughed once it happened. I told the risk manager and he said that if it ever happened again, I should call him and he would have the dog tested right then and there. Thankfully, that hasn't happened again, but I have come close a few times. Just last week this lady says to me, "Oh, they won't bite you, but they don't like men, and they don't like sudden movements" and then I trip on my big feet and kick the dog in the face. Well, I felt a little canine canine (if you know what I'm sayin') on my toes, but luckily not that much. It was close. When I did get bit, the owner was standing right there, but didn't really care. No worries though--I'm not foaming at the mouth...yet.

One of my observations about dogs is that dog owners tend to find each other. There are neighborhoods in Lehi that are STOCKED with dogs--every house having at least 2. Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark!!! It seriously like working in a pound. And others, similar to the one I worked in today and yesterday have narry a dog in sight or sound. And the one's that are there, are just so well mannered. I'm a fan of well mannered dogs. I'm also a fan of cool sounding dog names. I met a dog yesterday named Diesel. I really like that name, and contemplated sharing it with Laney as a possible name for the newest one, but then realized that it is a better suiting name for a dog than a child. I mean, how do you shorten that, Esel? Sounds like easel. My child will not be called after an art supply. Additionally, I wouldn't want a constant reminder of my diesel gas escapade in Luton. Ah. So, needless to say, if we consider ever having a dog, we just might consider the name Diesel.

Yes, dogs and I are becoming acquinted. Even more so now that I'm frequenting more and more backyards. Can I be the first to say that whoever decided to put power lines in the back of people's yards was definitely NOT thinking of me.


Kent and Leisy said...

um- is that really your leg? You should request hazard pay. I was bitten by a dog on my mission- but it was a large rat sized dog and didn't do too much damage.

taylor and laney said...

no that isn't taylors leg.

yaya said...

Laney, I'm very afraid of stray dogs. I found out that big dogs HATE little dogs. My friend and I used to walk every day and she always brought her little Yorkie. One day a HUGE dog flew right through the electric fence to get that dog, scared me to death but the yorkie just bit him hard between the back legs (if you get my drift). He took off back to his house, through the electric fence with the Yorkie still between his legs yelping and then yelping more because of the electric fence. Anyway, I wish funniest home videos was on, we would have won a bundle!

Kent said...

Oh the good old days at the pound... this post conjured up some wonderful memories.

Jeff & Whitney said...

Taylor! This is a great post. So funny. Well hey, if you ever have a son named Diesel, he can hang out with our son, whom Jeff thinks we are naming Tank! HA!

Erin said...

I loathe pets. Ammon loathes pet owners even more.

David and Jodee said...

You need to carry around hairy scary caterpillars with you to fight off the dogs.

Wanamakers in Boston said...

We need to meet you Taylor! We'll be in Utah for the first two weeks of June. Hopefully we can all get together sometime while we're there (canines not invited!).