So with the rising price of gas, we have found oursleves thinking of ways to drive less, conserve more, and be more eco-friendly. In fact for a little while, the tree huggers in us thought it might actually be the little extra boost we all need to walk more and drive less, and with the rising cost of groceries we can all learn to eat out a little less and spend more wisely. All in all, things could be worse and we had decided to make the best of the situation.

Well, all of our optimistic thinking came to a harsh halt yesterday as we rented our moving truck for the big move to Buffalo in August. The nice Penske truck people told us that our moving truck will not only cost us a thousand dollars to rent for the week, but it gets a whopping 6-10 mpg!!! That is right, 6-10 mpg!!! AHHHHHH. With 2,000 miles to Buffalo, and about $4.00 a gallon for gas in August (if we are really lucky), we officially hate gas prices! Good bye government stimulus check, good bye savings. At least we get double airline miles on the American Express card for gas purchases.
If everyone could pray for gas prices to drop around August 9th through the 13th, we would greatly appreciate it. We may have to sell our baby.


Josh & Kenna said...

My first instinct was to post a comment that said, 'I'll buy the kid.' Then after some deep thinking and soul searching, I realized I couldn't handle a 'Laney Baby.'


Nate and Jessica said...

You better believe Jansen made that mess. Laney I can't believe all the big exciting things going on in your life...and I get to be part of it all through your beautiful blog...hooray. I think Taylor sounds great. Good choice.

Aaron & Kalle said...

On the bright side, Penske has wonderful roadside service. We know this from experience. Also, we figured our truck was around 8-12 miles per gallon, depending on the terrain. We don't envy you. We had a diesel truck both ways. Good luck, we will pray for a gas drop around August 9-13.

Kent and Leisy said...

sell the baby.

It All Began...Once Upon A Lifetime said...

Maybe you should consider renting out the baby for the same rates (or higher) the truck rental company is charging you! This way you still get the benefits and tax right offs. Hope you had a great meal at Red Robin, you looked so darling!
Love Ya

yaya said...

Laney, Craig's mom here.Hope you don't mind my advice. I'd put all in storage or sell what you can. What you'll save in rental for the truck and gas for that big pig, you could buy inexpensive furniture to last a few years. Then sell when Taylor's done and you move again. Please don't sell the kiddo!

Joseph said...

I'm ambivalent toward the baby, but the mere sight of "the burbs" on your profile brings tears to my eyes.