This is the birthday cake I made him, its not really a cake.

Today is taylor's birthday and it has been absolutley wonderful. We both have no work today, so we got to sleep in and we've lounged around all day long. We worked on the crib, ran some errands, added shelves to the changing table, and it's cloudy and dreary outside. Life doesn't get any better. I think taylor is the most wonderful person in the world, and there isn't a day that goes by that I am not extremely grateful that I married him. He is the best husband and friend anyone could ask for. Since Taylor turns the big 24 today, I am going to list my 24 of my favorite things about him.

1. He's never cranky. I can always count on a consistently happy husband, (except for when there are bad drivers around or lots of traffic, I think Steve and Hailey have rubbed off on him)

2. He's tall. I never need a ladder for anything. When I can't reach things, I just call for Taylor. He's great to have around at my work too. He can reach things that none of us would ever be able to reach.

3. He is very cuddly when I need someone to cuddle with. He never complains about my incessant desire and need to be touched or be touching him.

4. He has a wonderful voice, and at church on Sundays during the hymns, I just like to lean up against him and listen.

5. He is as kind as can be.

6. He enjoys learning and studying.

7. He cleans the house inside and out every friday while I am at work and he has the day off.

8. He puts lotion on my feet every night, and then tickles my back.

9. He works really hard at everything he does.

10. taylor always thinks the best of me, even when I haven't been my best.

11. He let me buy the diaper bag that I really wanted even though it cost twice as much as our crib! (but it's really cute and our crib was really cheap)

12. He has great style and fashion sense, and is therefore the world's greatest person to go shopping with.

13. He is smart as can be, and I am glad he is the one starting school in the fall, not me.

14. He's great company. I never get tired of him.

15. He is patient.

16. He watches CSI:New York with me every wednesday night because I love it.

17. He loves children and will be a wonderful father.

18. He lets me steal the blankets at night, and he doesn't get mad, even though I get mad when he steals them from me.

19. He lets me jump into bed with him in the morning after I have been at the gym and I am all sweaty- and he only gets kind of mad.

20. He always tells me he like what I cook for dinner.

21. He scares really easily, and jumps really high when I jump out from behind things at him.

22. He is understanding and loving whenever I am upset- even when I seem to be irrational (although I am rarely irrational:)

23. He makes the bed really well

24. He's very loveable.


the Kprows! said...

This was the cutest thing I ever read! And such a good idea! I think I might have to steal it for Matt's birthday in August. He lets me snuggle up to him too after I get back from the gym all sweaty even though I wouldn't ever let him do that to me! haha! Aren't hubbies the best?!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Taylor! Laney forgot to add that you are a pretty decent neighbor too ;)

Jeff & Whitney said...

hooray for Taylor! We do love him and love that he is such a great co-worker...um, that doesn't get paid. LOVE the diaper bag! That is adorable and I am quite impressed with the birthday cake that isn't a cake. Well done!

Kent and Leisy said...

is the crust a sugar cookie? and what did you use for the frosting? I want it.

Rachael said...

Happy Birthday Tay. Laney's list of things she loves was so fun to read. Can't help but think I know where you got most of those traits.....yes...your kind, affectionate, cuddly, hardworking, and loving Dad! Can't wait to have you guys on my side of the country.

chiggy said...

Love your blog Laney!!!! Love the diaper bag!!!!It's sweet. Where did you get it??? There is a pic of you on my blog.

Amy and Craig said...

The good news about the Diaper bag is that you'll probably still use it after the kid has outgrown the crib!