taste of the valley

On the 24th of july we headed down to Provo with Hailey and Steve for a wonderful event called Taste of the Valley. Restaurants from all over Utah County get together and for $8 you can eat all sorts of yummy food- sad thing is, you get full so fast you only enjoy the first few samples. It was really hot outside on the 24th, but worth all the lines and the hot weather. I don't know how eating really good food is a way to celebrate pioneer day, seeing as how the pioneers didn't eat well at all, but I will take an extra day off of work any day. Thank you pioneers! Baby Hank just slept through much of the food and the eating, and Hailey and Steve were great company as always. We sure are going to miss them.


three weeks from today we move to buffalo.

It's hard to believe that our time here in Orem is almost coming to a close, and who knows if we will ever be back. Life could take us anywhere really. We have started packing up our apartment and making lists of things to do before we leave. we are really quite excited for the adventure ahead of us. anyway, this week has been grand. all except for our baby- he is such a pill! Today at the mall the threw up all over the floor- it was actually quite funny. And he refused to take a nap today. I always thought newborns were supposed to sleep a lot. We have however really come to love what we refer to as the "baby straight jacket" We feel slightly abusive when we put him in it, but he sleeps so much better and longer! Here is a picture of him in it.

I am also including in this post a few more of our favorite yellowstone pictures. Enjoy them!


Our little trip to Yellowstone

it's been awhile since we've posted, we went on vacation to yellowstone this past week and life has been busy. Little Hank was blessed at church last weekend and it was wonderful seeing friends and family. He looked as cute as ever in his little blessing outfit and he managed to keep it spit-up free for most of the day.

on Sunday night we headed up to Idaho and spent our first night at Taylor's grandma's house in St. Anthony where little Hank got adjusted to some of his many cousins on Taylor's side. If Hank turns out to be half as cute as these kids, he will be set for life.

After the day in St. Anthony we headed up to the cabin my family rented. Our trip to Yellowstone was quite enjoyable all except the many mosquito bites. We even got Hank his first souvenier, a stuffed Buffalo to commemorate his first trip to Yellowstone and the big move to Buffalo.

One of our favorite activities while in Island Park was paddle boating. We did however learn one very important lesson: paddle boating up stream in a river is nearly impossible! Luckily it was somewhat shallow water and taylor got out and pushed us around for much of the time and Kent pushed Leisy and metta around. While paddle baoting we also had another adventure, a run in with a moose! It was actually pretty cool.


Lehi Roundup Rodeo 5k

We ran the Lehi 5k on saturday with the family. (leisy, kent, mom, metta, & my mom's friend) It was quite enjoyable- I ran a pathetic 10 minute mile pace which may not seem all that slow until you realize that when I ran the st. george marathon two years ago, I ran a faster pace. I felt like I should have been wearing a t-shirt that read, "I am not normally this fat or slow, I just had a baby three weeks ago." Anyway, nonetheless it felt good to run again without feeling like I was going to pee my pants with every step. After the race there was a big raffle and our family made out like banshees, four of us won prizes out of 30 prizes and 400 names in the raffle! It's the Oswald luck. Hoorah for good luck.

Anyway- life with baby Hank continues to be somewhat the same-not yet too exciting. But he continues to sleep well at night and he continues to grow. He also continues to throw up on us regularly. The baby barf doesn't bother me much but for some reason he always chooses to puke on taylor when we are out and about and it drives taylor crazy. I just told him that he needs to get used to having puke stains all over his clothing. I think Hank is getting ready to puke on taylor in this picture.