Our little trip to Yellowstone

it's been awhile since we've posted, we went on vacation to yellowstone this past week and life has been busy. Little Hank was blessed at church last weekend and it was wonderful seeing friends and family. He looked as cute as ever in his little blessing outfit and he managed to keep it spit-up free for most of the day.

on Sunday night we headed up to Idaho and spent our first night at Taylor's grandma's house in St. Anthony where little Hank got adjusted to some of his many cousins on Taylor's side. If Hank turns out to be half as cute as these kids, he will be set for life.

After the day in St. Anthony we headed up to the cabin my family rented. Our trip to Yellowstone was quite enjoyable all except the many mosquito bites. We even got Hank his first souvenier, a stuffed Buffalo to commemorate his first trip to Yellowstone and the big move to Buffalo.

One of our favorite activities while in Island Park was paddle boating. We did however learn one very important lesson: paddle boating up stream in a river is nearly impossible! Luckily it was somewhat shallow water and taylor got out and pushed us around for much of the time and Kent pushed Leisy and metta around. While paddle baoting we also had another adventure, a run in with a moose! It was actually pretty cool.


MommaMcCarthy said...

HA, your river paddle boating reminds me of the time Eve and I went paddle boating in some river just off the RV park my family was staying at. (i think it was in Idaho) We paddled downstream for quite awhile and decided to turn around, only to find that we were still going down stream. As you can probably imagine, Eve (probably 8 at the time) became hysterical and began bawling and proclaiming the end of our lives. I ended up just paddling towards the shore and getting out to wade it back to where we came from, as you did. (Eve remaining ridiculous the whole time.)

Oh Eve...

Erin said...

Fun trip!

And I love the blessing outfit. Darling for a little boy.

Dave and Michelle Howell said...

Hey, wish we could have been there for Hank's blessing. He reminds me of you as a baby, Laney. I met you when you were about two weeks old and there is definitely a similarity.

Hansen Household said...

We missed you guys by a week. We were just in Yellowstone a few weeks back. Looks like you guys had a great time. We didn't get the lucky encounter with the moose. That would have freaked me out!