buffalo is great and I am glad to be home!

This picture is us at the Hill Cumorah (only 80 minutes a way) with a friend of mine who is there serving a mission. Palmyra, NY is an amazingly beautiful little town. Anyone who wants to come visit in the next four years is welcome to stay with us!

So we are getting settled here in Buffalo and while we do miss people and things from orem, we really do love it here! As you can tell, we love our apartment. And an added perk of the apartment is the wonderful next door neighbors (they are the people who found our apartment for us). Our neighbors are terrific- really. We were worried they could be weird and strange (you know, not normal like us :) but they are fanatsatic, and good company as well. The only strange thing is, with all of our windows and all of their windows, we can watch each other all day long. It keeps us on our best behavior, and there is always someone to talk to,even if it is their three year old max who wants to talk about elephants at the zoo while yelling through the screen.
Our ward is also terrific, it's nice to have a built in family wherever you go. Our bishop is a violinist in the Buffalo Orchestra and everyone here seems to be as nice as ever. We go walking every morning at 7:45 and they walk really fast which I love! I am not into the walking groups that leisurely stroll- in fact sometimes they even jog here. hooray!

baby hank has been wonderful as well, he has been sleeping ten hours a night! the kid is incredible and I couldn't be happier. He still throws up all day long- but he is happy about it so we aren't complaining.

This is a picture of my favorite garage sale purchase. It was $.50! And I hope Henry likes it someday as much as I do.


oswaldcd said...

You find happiness wherever you go
so I am not surprised you like it in Buffalo. Hank is pretty cute.
Grandma Carol

Jeff and Whitney said...

LOVE that picture! Look at cute Miff--classy as ever in pearls! We miss you here at the MOA. Thank goodness for blogs! And we are definitely coming to visit!

JT and Lizzie Davis said...

Hi Laney! Congrats on being finished at the MOA. You've left a legacy! Also congrats on the move to Buffalo. Welcome to the East Coast! You guys are going to have a great time. So fun that you saw Miffy! I saw her last month at the Palmyra Pageant. That's great that you live so close to Palmyra - I really really loved it there. Is the palmyra temple in your temple district? that temple is amazing.

Jeff and Whitney said...

okay so i remember when lizzie got a sewing machine from JT's mom, and I laughed for like 10 minutes straight when she told me, because we so CAN'T do that. And tha giraffe is fantastic.

Kent and Leisy said...

hanky p looks like zebby in that pic!

Kent and Leisy said...

oh, and maybe we could borrow the giraffe for a bit!?

Steve and Hailey said...

Come back now! I want your baby.

Annie O said...

OMG(osh)! Henry P is SO cute. And Taylor please go to my blog and tell me how to get that book review box.

Love ya,

Mum O