Safe and Sound

Well, we made it safe and sound. We've been frantically unpacking and discovering that what we thought was too much stuff in Orem has turned into not nearly enough here in Buffalo. Our house is huge huge huge and, at present, scattered with cardboard boxes and lacking furniture. Such is life. When we told people that we were moving to house where the owner lived downstairs and we had only seen pictures of the outside, we got some funny looks. We will readily admit that we took our chances. Our new home for the next fours years could have been a dump, old and run down or it could have been the latest miracle in the year 2008. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it was the latter. Our home here is a rather large and beautiful miracle. Not like the miracle of the seagulls miracle, but a little miracle nonetheless. Aside from the extra bedroom, we have a dining room, a rather large pantry, a HUGE living room, a 'reading' room off of that room, a beautiful entryway, an attic to store the stuff we used to keep in Hank's room, a garage, a beatiful garden, and a wonderful landlady. We also have a little room that is attached to our bedroom that Laney wants to turn into a walk-in closet and I want as a little study. In all honestly, it is probably big enough for both, but we'll see whose ideas win out. Also, there are glass french doors throughout the house, glass doorknobs with skeleton keys, a whopping total of 28 windows, a fireplace, and, my personal favorite, real old fashioned wood floors. Needless to say again, we got ourselves a little miracle. Thank you McIntiers (I think that I can hear Max playing outside right now). We gambled big, and we scored.

Now, Laney says that a post is not a post without pictures. Believe me, I somewhat agree, but, our house now is not presentable. So, seeing as how I'm spening this entire week alone, I'll try to post a room a day, pictures and/or videos included.

Now to Hank, the real reason that many of you read this blog. His trek across the country was great. That greatness fell short the day after we arrived. We've had to run around and his little schedule just went up in smokes. He now despises his carseat, and can you really blame him. He didn't do so well in church today (at least for me) and when I took Laney to the airport, he SCREAMED the ENTIRE way home. I think he already misses his mom. He's in for a great week with his daddy.

Yesterday, Laney and I went garage 'sale'ing and hit up the main garage sales. An entire street had about 20 garage sales and we found some great deals. The highlight for me were the two identical goblets that we have broken since marriage. The highlight for Laney was the little giraffe bike for Hank for 50 cents. We've already planned to hit up the yard sales for the next little while. Buffalonians are cheap sellers and have cool stuff. We're hoping to run across something we can take to the antiques roadshow. The first place we're going to start looking is the attic.


Erin said...

I'm glad you guys made it! It is a little sad to look out the window and realize you're already gone.

Lindsay B said...

Glad to hear you guys made it there safely. It sounds like you are having a great time already and that your house is amazing. Can't wait to see it sometime! I'm jealous of your yard sale adventures, I've been dying to do that lately but haven't yet gotten around to it. Maybe this weekend. Now hurry up and post those pics!