So, this is Henry's room. As we type, he's not loving it as much as he did in this video. But really, the kid has got to sleep. For his sanity. For ours. If you can't tell, Henry's in the glossular stage. His tongue is always out and he is smacking his lips continually. Tongue tongue tongue. The rest of the house is pretty much boring. You know, basic bedrooms that aren't furnished yet, so don't get your hopes up. However, the laundry room is something to behold. Brace yourselves for a shocker.

Yesterday was my first day of school. Quite refreshing. One of my classes is using a text book that I have already read and never sold back because I thought it would come in handy again. Boy, was I right. The other seems very introductory to the history of planning, which I've already learned. There are a lot of students in my program that came from other disciplines (sociology, political science, geography) so I'm not complaining. This first semester will be easier than I think I originally thought it would be. Still challenging, but it is shaping up to be easier. We introduced ourselves last night and I'm the only student from Utah. Kinda exciting. Never really had that happen to me before. Additionally, I think only three or four others are from the west of the Mississippi. Also a new experience for me. But things are going well for the first two days, seeing as how I have no classes on Tuesday.


Amy and Craig said...

super cute room hanky panky!I'm excited to see the balls hung up! I love the book shelf and changing table and organizer in the closet! Congrats on starting school again and feeling secure in the semester. The idea of grad school is daunting to me after being out for so long.

Lindsay B said...

Haha, I love your narrations! Putting videos up was the best idea EVER! Hanks room is coming along very nicely. :)

MommaMcCarthy said...

i love seeing the videos! keep 'em comin' :)