missing utah...a little bit

Taylor and I were chatting today about loving it here in Buffalo and how lucky and blessed we are to have such a wonderful place to live and even a whole new group of wonderful and enjoyable friends. However, there are some things we really miss about good old orem and we want to share them. Here are our some of the things we miss most (in no particular order)

Hailey & Steve (and jack of course)

We really got attatched to such good friends/family. Cousins and siblings always seem to make the best friends- it's just easier. There is never that akward getting to know you stage, and no matter what happens, you'll always be friends. We loved Steve and his upholstering abilities (we got a chair, crib, and ottoman out of him!). I always loved having Hailey to go to the gym with, and her chocolate chip cookies are to die for. We could always count on you guys to do strange things with us- like go to chuck-a-rama for dinner or go to that crazy nasty xechtoliian(heaven only knows how to spell it) market on state street. We miss you guys!

The Mountains (especially mt. timp)

I have seen many beautiful things and places all over the world, and I still think these mountains at sunset and sunrise are quite possibly the most beautiful site I have ever seen.

The Museum of Art at BYU

I absolutely loved my job at the MOA. The years I spent there were some of my greatest. I loved the people I worked with, I loved buying for the store, and I grew to love, appreciate, and understand art while working at the MOA. I miss my coworkers like crazy. And I miss my friend Jamie and our weekly lunch date.

Our favorite radio station 101.9 the end

We miss the great selection of music and the hysterical morning show. The day before we left, Taylor called in to say goodbye. He was on the radio. It was pretty cool.

And for Leisy, who wanted a non-crying picture of Hank. Here he is, you can all see how fat he is getting. If he gets any fatter we may put him on a diet! He actually isn't too chunky, his face is all squisshed. However, I don't love super fat babies. Most people (including taylor) think chunky legs and arms are cute on babies, I disagree.


Jeff and Whitney said...

We miss YOU guys! I love that cute chubby picture of Hank. Laney, chubby babies are adorable. They just are. Have you gone to the zoo yet?

Mel said...

This made me miss Utah and I'm still here. The mountains in Utah county are too beautiful...and 101.9 is the best! I love Chunga!

I miss you guys! Please tell me a visit to Utah is in your future. The holidays perhaps?

Jason & Shannon said...

I agree it is super gorgeous here and I'm glad I have been able to live here. Little Henry is so cute. Just the right amount of chubs!

Annie O said...

hmmmmmm---no mention of Sunday dinners.

Kent and Leisy said...

it's the "Tenochtitlan" Market. Kent used to eat lunch there. Hank is pretty cute in that picture.

Kent and Leisy said...

Hanky panky is adorable in that picture. It makes me want another baby!! Get him as fat as possible now because as soon as he hits that Hawes growth spurt all that fat will distribute nicely. - Kent

Janna Mills said...

i miss utah too!!! :( but mostly i just miss sunday dessert parties with you guys!! i love your pictures! :)

Big Oaf said...

Kent beat me too it, just keep feeding that kid 'cause he won't be fat for long. Mas and Al both needed the extra weight when they started to really grow upward. Sara (aka Jabba the Baby) has been slow to start crawling because it requires extra strength when your a 10 month old trapped in a 20 month old body, but she's figured out other ways to get around and pretty soon she'll stretch out too. Taylor was quite possibly the fattest baby I've ever seen he was so hard to lug around the house (yes I do know I was only 10 at the time, but in the pictures his thighs are hanging over his knees) and he turned out alright.

So just embrace the fat (literally and figuratively) while you can. It's just extra padding for breaking in rookie parents anyway.

Jonas Daniel said...

And your two favorite european sista that are now living in utah! your son is handsome. here is ours jonasbornmann@blogspot.com LOVE ya!!! crazy!

xanthoman said...

Well, we saw the spawning kokanee salmon today at Strawberry. Wasn't that fun last year (even though we were Sabbath breakers)? Hopefully someday Jack, Hank, Zeb, and all the cousins' kids can see the spawn together, eat indigenous buffalo wings, or chase glow bugs in the dark. Maybe that's what the afterlife is for.

taylor and laney said...

I first read that as "maybe they could all spawn together" and thought it was a little strange.

Rebecca said...

I resent that! Chubby babies are so much cuter!! So much more to hug and squeeze! I only say this because all of mine are chubby. Plus, if Henry gets Taylor's height, he's going to need that chub to shoot up; otherwise he's going to be a pretty lurpy kid. :) He's getting pretty cute! Hey if you have Shanese's email, talk to her. She needs words of comfort/advice from you. Silvia moved../got evicted. Talk to ya later!