Our weekend with Leisy, Kent, & Zeb

Kent surprised Leisy this past weekend and they came here from Toledo for a little visit. It sure is nice having them relatively close by. We had lots of fun and took lots of pictures. The picture above is Henry and Zeb watching Thomas the Train together. They seemed to like each other. Henry loved that he had someone to look at in the back seat. We also went to the great pumpkin patch here. It was quite enjoyable- and Leisy and Kent make everything funnier. Especially since they only wanted to drive one car every where we went. They shared one spot in the back seat, and it was hysterical.

Here are our pictures of the pumpkin patch-

So this picture is not of the pumpkin patch, but it is for all you family at home to see a picture of hanky panky. He is growing! And still eating his hands.

I have included this picture so you can all see how much our dang baby drools. Kinda gross huh? This kid is a bodily fluid producing machine. With all the drool and throw up, I sometimes wonder how he stays hydrated.

I just thought all these gourds were beautiful. I love fall and I love Halloween.

And lastly, here is our little family. I can't wait to dress up little Hank for Halloween.
Leisy and Kent quite enjoyed the spook alley but Zeb felt differently.


The De Souzas said...

"Hanky Panky"--THAT is hilarious. You should definitely call him that. And holy drool fest! I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before.

The pumpkin farm looks like so much fun!

Annie O said...

Zebby and Henry P are so cute! I can't wait or Christmas!

Great weekend--I wish we all could have been there.

Love ya,

Kent and Leisy said...

zeb looks so tired in that top pic! and i'm ticked that the ogre's eyes are closed in our pic but not yours.