Pictures of Hanky Panky

Little Henry seems to finally be turning into a real little boy rather than a boring baby. He seems to have a bit of a personality. However he is still a little more needy than I would like. Our ward is full of babies his age and they all seem to sit in their car seats quietly and happily all through sacrament meeting, and Henry will have no part of being reverent- he may however have gotten that from me. I have a hard time with the whole sitting still through church thing too. Anyway, I wish I had something more exciting to post, but I don't. So here are pics of the kid:

He sucks on everything! Evertime we put him in the bouncer, we find him trying to eat the ropes.

This is his little Jogging outfit. It is what he wears to stay warm when I take him running with me. He may seem really happy in this picture, but he normally doesn't like the outfit much at all. It constricts his movement.
He is almost sitting unassisted, and he quite enjoys it. I didn't put his hand on the arm of the rocking chair, he did.
Aren't they cute?
We decided to splurge and buy one of those waterproof bibs at BabysRus. We bought the cat in the hat one. However it is making eating time much messier than we could have ever expected. He tries to eat the bib everytime we put food in his mouth which means the food ends up all over his body and face! We may try feeding him in the nude from here on out.


Annie O said...

Whatever you're doing is working! He is so DARN cute. Now, that child can come home for Christmas (as long as he doesn't scream or ralph).

Is there lots of snow? I heard on the news that the northeast is being blasted with cold weather and snow.


Amy and Craig said...

your kid is uber cute! I hope our #3 isn't fugly!

Nate and Jessica said...

You cant feed him naked! It's too cold out there.

Kent and Leisy said...

he sure dresses well. do you know how much he weighs? I bet he's getting close to zeb! he's a fatty.

Mel said...

So cute! I love his little smile! I can't belive how big he has gotten since the summer!

Jason, Kodi and Jake said...

Laney, Hey! I hope you don't mind if I look at your blog. Your baby is super cute! I was looking through this post and the last pic of him looks EXACTLY like my little boy. I was confused at whos blog I was looking at...Oh, and I love the coat rack. I want one.