Our Little Halloween

Our Halloween was wonderful- lots of candy that Henry can't eat, and lots of great parties. Henry won the baby halloween constume contest at our ward party on Wednesday, and then last night we went to our neighborhood party at the Church of the Good Shepherd. They notonly gave away lots of good candy, but children's books! We got three new books for Henry. Our neighborhood has an association that we think we may join. They have a newsletter and they plan holiday parties and such. This is the picture of the church where the Halloween party was held. It is just around the corner and up the street from us.

This morning I went to brekfast with some ward friends for our next door neighbor Abby's birthday (she is the one I ran the race with last week). We went to this wonderful little restaurant in the hip and liberal part of Buffalo and I wore my McCain Palin pin. I was hoping to cause some sort of ruckus, sadly, none occured. This city bleeds Obama Biden. I quite enjoy the new perspective on politics here in Buffalo, it's a fascinating change from the somewhat monotonous tone of politics in Utah. While I don't neccessarily agree completely with the politcal mindset here, I am enjoying the dialogue and becoming less ignorant.

Here is one more pic of our little skeleton in his costume- this is the only one we got where he is looking at the camera.

And lastly, we got out the umbrella stroller and Henry is in heaven. He loves facing forward. The day we get to turn the carseat around may be the best day of his life.


Dave and Michelle Howell said...

He's so cute it makes me want to blow a raspberry on his neck!

the Kprows! said...

I love Hanks costume! I really wanted to get our new puppy a Halloween outfit, but held back on that. And yeah Dave Ramsey approves all puppy purchases, it's in the appendix of the book. ;)

Rebecka said...

When we went trick or treating (yes I go with them-If I'm there I KNOW they are doing what they should) the kids were sad when we came to your old place and said "Oh, we don't get to see Laney."

Your McCain button is to much. Emilly has been wearing her Obama button (purchased with her own money) to school on her jacket. Almost every day she has something to say about a conversation it started. Today is the first time she said she's starting to feel glad she doesn't actually have to make a choice about who to vote for. In thier school election she voted for Obama. When I mentioned to her that I hoped people woudn't think I had encouraged her to wear the badge she said, "Mom. Anyone who knows me would guess I chose it myself." So true. Maybe you are her birth Mom :)
I think I'm going to coppy this rather long comment and post it on my anemic blog

Jeff and Whitney said...

You crack me up. I can just imagine you starting political convos all over the place. Bet they have a different flavor out there! Kind of nice! Hank is too cute. Wish I could see him everyday!

Steve and Hailey said...

Hank is so cute. Jack saw the pictures and said, "Look baby Hank dressed like a skeleton." It was so cool! I love that he knows who people are now and can tell us things that usually make sense.

Annie O said...

Hey, you'er slacking off on the blog. We want to hear more and see more of your Buffalo life.


Bri or Aaron said...

Henry is so cute! I love his halloween costume!

Steve and Hailey said...

Thanks for talking to me tonight! Hooray! I love being in charge of the pixie pals. Tonight your mom was asking me to help notify people, but at first I thought she meant I was going to be part of the pixie pal exchange. I was terrified! I could never participate in something like that. I would fall flat on my face and feel awful. I do enjoy my role as official pixie pal notify-er!