I know, we are bad bloggers. But brace yourselves, this is a long one!

I have finally decided to blog again, I told taylor it was his turn especially since he had a whole trip to texas to blog about, but he doesn't seem to want to and he keeps telling me about all this homework he has to do. I am sure you will all hear from him soon. I am glad he is finally home, he actually got home Sunday morning, but we just haven't gotten around to sharing our lives again yet. Anyway, life is back to normal and the five days taylor was gone were absolutely horrible. Thank heavens I had Hailey and Jack around to make me dinner at night and keep me company, not to mention, save my life one night. I don't think Taylor and Steve should ever leave together for long periods of time again! We managed to make it up to the outlet stores in Park City for retail therapy while they were gone, and that helped immensely. I got a wonderful pink, black, & brown polka dotted dress from Banana Republic which I love and Hailey got some great deals as well.
Anyway, back to Hailey saving my life, I have this horrible problem in my stomach and esophagus, the doctor is pretty sure it is a hiatal hernia. Anyway, so I have these crazy attacks every so often where my stomach gets shoved up into my esophagus and it hurts like crazy. It happens about once a week, but it normally only lasts for a few minutes and I can normally stand the pain, because it is normally only about a 6 or 7 on the Laney pain scale. (The scale is a 1-10 with a one being something small like a scratch and a ten being an unbearable, end my life pain, like when I had appendicitis.) Anyway, so at Christmas, it happened and it was an 11 (an eleven is used only in special circumstances where the pain is so bad, you pass out and become delirious, I have only reached an 11 twice in my life)! the pain only lasted seven or so minutes, and afterwards I was fine, but last week it happened again and I was all alone. I was in bed, it was eleven twenty-seven and it started at a 6 or a 7 but it rapidly progressed to a 10 and then an 11. When I say it was an eleven, it isn't like I was passed out cold for long periods of time, but things around me go black and I get really dizzy, nauseous, and sweaty, I don't actually remember if I am really out cold, I just temporarily loose consciousness and ability to think. Anyway, so I was in the bathroom on the floor (I always lie on the bathroom floor when I don't feel well, I think it has magical healing powers, and it is close to the toilet in case I ralph) and the pain was going on for about 25 minutes! The doctor told me to take tums or an antacid when it happens, but of course, we don't have any, heaven only knows why I didn't buy some after the first incident. After about thirty minutes of writhing on the floor I finally decided that I needed to call someone, but its midnight, and taylor is gone, and I can't think clearly. I finally called Hailey in tears and delirium, and she rushed over with peptobismal, and spoon fed it to me (I couldn't get myself off the floor to eat it myself, remember, the pain was still an eleven, I could barely even see straight.) I vaguely remember Hailey suggesting that we go to the hospital and me explaining to her that the pain would stop soon (or at least hoping it would) and then about ten minutes later with me lying there in my underwear and Hailey being as nice as she could possibly ever be, it slowly lessened and went away. Thank you cousin Hailey!!!! Hailey went back home to sleep and to make sure her baby was still alive and well, and I stayed up for a bit on the computer trying to find out what I could do to avoid more of this in the future. The Internet said (and of course I always trust the internet, who even needs a doctor anymore right? ) that if a hiatal hernia ever causes severe and intense chest pain, I should seek medical attention immediately (too late for that since the pain had stopped :) Anyway, turns out that when my stomach got shoved up into my esophagus, it probably got twisted and stuck. Oh well, all I have to say is, I sure hope it doesn't happen again and if it does, I hope Taylor is home, and yes, we finally got a lifetime supply of tums type things which I now eat on a regular basis.

I know this post has been a mile long, but one more thing to all of you we haven't yet told, I am pregnant. Yep, thats right, pregnant. I have finally decided to tell everyone, I can't keep it a secret any longer, I have already gained 15 pounds and there is no hiding it anymore. I am 21 weeks along, and we don't know what we are having, we aren't going to find out, thus the picture below only being a picture of the foot, we didn't want a picture where we could figure out the gender by body parts, or the lack thereof. I think I may start a list of all the stupid things people say to me being pregnant, because they have already started. I am sure all of you out there who have been pregnant, have some comments you could share with me too, I'd love to hear them. But I am amazed at the things people say. I assure you, that no pregnant person needs to be told that they are looking like they have gained weight, we know!!! We can tell that our pants don't fit and we feel it! I can also assure you that no pregnant person needs to be told that they have been acting up tight and irritable, and I assure you, pointing that out to a pregnant person (especially me) doesn't help the situation. Anyway, all that set aside, I feel wonderful. I haven't been sick at all, I don't feel tired until bed time, and really other than the stomach problem (which is a result of all this), I don't feel any different. Taylor has been wonderful of course, and he hasn't made any of the stupid comments, I don't think he ever will, he is much too smart for that. In fact he assures me every morning that I don't look fat. I still feel great at the gym every morning and my mile pace is actually improving. I have also learned that you burn a lot more calories when you weigh fifteen pounds heavier! Hooray!


so sorry we haven't been blogging.

I wish we had some exciting and incredible pictures or adventures to post, but we don't, so this picture of me at young womens will have to do. We went to dinner at Chilis last week. It was really fun, especially since the young women in the ward rarely have the opportunity to do things like this. Anyway...

we are sorry it's been awhile since we have blogged, we just have had an incredibly busy week which was quite uneventful. Really, I just studied all week. On thursday I had my "comps" thats the cool term for comprehensive exams. In the last semester of classes in grad school, every student has to take an exam that consists of three essay questions. The questions can come from anything covered in any of your course work over the past two years. It is kind of a hard test to cram for the last week, but I did all I could and I think I did quite well. We had four hours to take the test and twelve questions to choose from. I took all but ten minutes of the four hours and 11 typed single space pages later, I was done. I felt really good about the whole thing, it is a pass or fail test and we find out our scores at the beginning of march. They give our tests to 7 different professors who read our responses and they each give us a pass or fail and then they decide if we pass or not. Anyway, hooray for it being over!!!!

President Eyring came and spoke at devotional this past week and he was wonderful, I have never seen him so full of love. I know that sounds kind of weird but his message to us was so heart felt. He talked about being delivered from trials and especially the trial of losing a loved one. It was actually a really sad talk because it made worry about losing someone I love (like taylor!) but it was so comforting. He talked about how one of the greatest trials is that of losing a loved one and the sorrow and the lonliness and saddness that accompanies it, and how the savior can deliver us from that sorrow and lonliness just like he can deliver us from sin so that we can feel happiness again. I don't know why I was so touched by it, especially since I have never had anyone close to me pass away, and like I said before, I left the devotional thinking, I sure hope that wasn't preparing me for losing someone, but after talking to a lot of other people, I realized they all felt the same way. Anyway, if you can find the talk, I recommend listening to it.

This is one of my favorite pictures of taylor, it was in toon town this summer at disneyland. I am just posting it for fun. He is leaving on tuesday to go to texas with cousin steve. They are going to do some upholstry work in the houston temple. Taylor is leaving for five days, and I am a little worried. I know all you people who are reading this who have been married for awhile are thinking I am a crazy sappy person, but I am really sad about him leaving. We haven't been a part for this long since our first date! And I am not going to have anyone to warm the bed up for me at night or tickle my back until I fall asleep, and who am I going to hug and squeeze while he is gone? Not to mention I have horrible fears of him dying in an airplane crash. I know I am going to be just fine, but I really love him so much and I just don't know what I am going to do without him for a week. Who is going to help me pick out my outfits in the morning? I really am sad, and I wish he would just leave already so he can come back sooner. Everyone needs to pray for him that he will be safe in texas and in the air. People keep saying he will be safe since he is going to work at the temple, but it isn't a service project, he is getting paid for it, so I don't think he will have the blessings of doing temple work. anyway, I think many sleepless nights are ahead for me this week.


christmas break has ended and we are back to blogging

Christmas break was fantastic, we took some time off of work, not much, but it felt wonderful. We took family pictures. It was good to see leisy and kent and zeb. It is strange to think they live so far away because when they were here, it was like they had never moved. The picture below is taylor and me on christmas morning next to our presents. We had a wonderful christmas with all sorts of great gifts. Don't mind us in our pajamas.

Some of my favorite gifts were new shoes from taylor, the movie planet earth (it is absolutley incredible, I recommend it to all! Taylor and I watch it for hours at a time and we aren't even half way through it) and a recipie box full of recipies that leisy made for me.

I think taylor's favorite gifts were the automatic tooth brushes we got, a Pier One gift card, a drill, and the Anne of Green Gables DVD trilogy I got him.

Overall we couldn't have been happier, and we got to spend a lot of time together which is always nice. We still can't believe we have been married almost a year, it has gone by altogether too fast. I guess when life is so wonderful, it just flies by.