Yes, we are moving to Buffalo.

So according to Leisy, the pictures below are a bit confusing, and I agree, but I kind of liked taylor's post. I guess that according to Leisy, the Buffalo could be an American Bison, and the buffalo wings throw you off. But it is in fact a buffalo and according to Taylor, buffalo wings were invented in buffalo. I actually hate buffalo wings, I hate spicy things, and I hate meat with bones. I also don't think there are really very many buffalo in buffalo. The building however is the Buffalo city hall or something like that. So that is kind of cool.

We are very aware that Buffalo is cold in the winter (that is the first thing anyone says when we tell them where we are headed) and it snows a lot in the winter, but I am okay with that. I lived in Rexburg for two winters and then Estonia and Latvija for two winters. I am pretty sure I can handle buffalo. And winter weather doesn't actually get me down, I quite like it. I even like to run in the cold and the snow. I just hope this baby likes it too, because it will be coming with me. So we are headed off to New York in August sometime, we really have no idea when exactly. But we do know that we will be there for four years. Taylor starts grad school the 25th of August, he starts law school the next year, and then the last two years are a mix of both. We don't really understand how it works exactly, but we will find out soon I am sure. It's the combined degree MUP-JD. (Masters in Urban Planning and a Juris Doctorate).
I am almost done with my masters degree, I am finished with classes in April and then I have a thesis to write and defend. I will probably not finish that until December, I will enroll in thesis credits in the fall and then write and research for this summer and those months while we are in Buffalo. Our child will probably be slightly neglected for the first 6 months of its life, but it'll have a really cool mom with a masters degree!
Anyway, hooray for moving away. Not that we don't like it here in Orem and Provo, it's quite nice actually, but we are ready to get away and experience some change. I am also hoping to find some russians in Buffalo and make new friends. My russian is getting a little rusty and I am hoping new Russian friends will help me out.



A favor for my wife...

Well, Laney has been after me for somewhile for not posting. So, while she is marking down at the Gap, I'll take this opportunity to not do my eternal homework, but instead, please my wife. She had a rough day, as most Tuesday's are (full of school, work, more work, early mornings, no time for lunch, no time for dinner, blah blah blah). We survived, though. Today was special in that the usual routine of Young Women's was replaced by the Republican Party Caucuses. Very interesting. I've never been to one before, while Laney has been sent to the state Repubilcan Convention as a delegate. I think that there were 12 people from our precint there, so we definitely got our voices heard. When we went around and introduced ourselves, I started, and said the usual, but I said that I would be interested in being a delegate. Someone said I "I nominate him" and someone else said, "Second." The chair said "Any opposition? . . . None. Well, we have our first county delegate." So, here I am, very disenfranchised with the Utah County Republican Party Platform in that it is way way way way way too too too too conservative. Everything is just so cut and dry. I'm surprised the ink wasn't red. Though I do feel that I agree with the vast majority of the document, some of the stances are so conservative it kinda scares me. It was nice to see an environmental section, though, and I did agree with that. (You would have been proud Steve.)
Laney didn't have as good as luck. She was nominated for State Delegate running against a guy who works for the Dave Leavitt campaign. (I wonder who he is going to vote for.) I have another friend who works for the campaign, and she told me that he was in our precinct. Laney's approach was "I'm not committed, but I'm open to both candidates." His was "Dave is our man. He's our only man. Chris Cannon has failed us." Just blowin' smoke. It was close, 7-5. I sure hope that Mark Brown voted for her because I ASSIGN HIS HOMETEACHING!!! No, it was good. I felt politically active and informed. I'll be going to the county convention. I'm glad I'm getting involved in this political process while I'm young. I hope to take this attitude with me to where e'er we go, and it really helps having an equally active (arguably more) wife.
In hindsight, I never posted about Laney's birthday. It was good. We went to Chef's Table for dinner and watched an episode of CSI:NY on the internet. Last year I learned that Hamlet wasn't her thing, so the next best thing to Law and Order was CSI. I got her some headscarves, which she will post pictures of soon.

I did have a personal accomplishment over the past few weeks that I haven't really told anyone about. It solidifies my interests in the Theater. On imeem.com, I have been favorited. Yes, favorited. Over the past few months I have been making a master broadway list, of all my favorites and even a few of the new songs that I don't really have a context for, but really like anyway (I'm thinking Jekyll and Hyde, which I have tinkering to go and see). Two seperate people have favorited my playlist. The list is up to 101 songs and I listen to it way too often, but still, it is good to know that other people appreciate my interests. Granted, they are both 14-year-old girls, but hey, a favorite is a favorite. (And to think, I haven't even added any Roger's & Hammerstien yet.) And to explain the music selection, I had another memorable moment this week. I heard a Dixie Chicks' song on the radio this week. I can honestly say that I do not remember hearing a single one of their songs on the radio since they said those infamous words in England. Even with the Grammys, I don't remember any single station, country or not, playing their songs. My mouth dropped when I heard them. Ask yourself when the last time you heard one of their songs on the radio. Pretty long ago, huh?


Chicago and Toledo!

We made it back from our trip in one piece. Our flight left Chicago yesterday at 7:00 AM and we had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to get to the airport in time! Anyway, life is back on track and we had a wonderful time. We flew into Detriot and Taylor's cousin Rachael picked us up (thanks for the ride Rachael! And the great company. When you left, I think Zeb missed your laugh) We all went to Leisy and Kent's and had dinner together which was quite enjoyable. It was good to see them and Zeb is adorable, and slightly crazy. I think he gets it from leisy.

We went to the Toledo Museum of Art which was incredible. The city of Toledo is actually quite dumpy and ugly, so I wasn't expecting much- but it has an incredible collection! It had Monet, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Rothko, Pissaro, Manet, mummies, and the most beautiful theatre I have ever seen. I highly recommend the Toledo Museum of Art!

We left Toledo on Sunday evening after a nice Sunday. Leisy and Kent had the sister missionaries over for dinner and we quite enjoyed them, it made me want to live in a place where you can really get to know the missionaries and work with them on appointments and such. After dinner we took the bus to Chicago from Toledo which was an experience to remember. It was a four hour drive and this friendly black man sitting next to us named Vance decided to become friends with us. He was the most talkative man I have ever met. He served in the persian gulf war and told us about Iraq, and he was on his way to the VA hospital Chicago. We tried to read but he just kept talking. Half way to Chicago he said to us, "I know where you all are from, you are from Utah!" We laughed and asked him how he knew and he told us he didn't want to offend us, I insisted that he wouldn't offend us and he said, "when the two of you walked on the bus I thought, those people are clean and pure! they must be from Utah." We laughed and then he told Taylor that he should take real good care of me because I am worth my weight in Platinum.

Anyway, we finally arrived in Chicago and had a wonderful time. We went to Museums and the gift show, I found some great stuff for the store. It was a good trip, we walked a lot! I forget how much you walk when you go to big cities. Chicago was beautiful! I loved it. It was like New York but better. We stayed in a super nice hotel thanks to Aunt Kim and her Marriot friends and family rate! Taylor loved the hotel because the shower head was tall enough that he could fit under it. The place was super fancy and the bed was huge! We loved it.

Here are a few more pictures of us in Chicago, we tried to get a picture of the River (it was turned green for St. Patrick's day) but none of them really showed up. For all of you who want a pregnant picture of me, I have included a few in this post. I tried to hide it in most of the pictures but the bump is getting too big. When I saw Leisy, the first thing she said to me was, "you don't look that pregnant, you just look like you ate a really big lunch!" Thank you Leisy. I can't decide if that is a compliment or not. But Rachael(taylor's cousin) did tell me that I don't look squatty which was nice to hear. Thank you Rachael.


husband tag.

So I am not really into this tagging stuff but I am in desperate need of something to post. Life has been good lately, just nothing too exciting. But we are headed off to Ohio and Chicago this weekend so hopefully we will have some exciting pics to share.

I have also had requests for pictures of me pregnant and I am sorry to say I will not be posting any belly pictures unless I take one that is flattering of me, and since the chances of that happening are less likely than just about anything I can imagine, you probaby won't be seeing one. However, I am not opposed to just plain pictures of taylor or me so if you are lucky you may see of few of me pregnant. I am not a cute pregnant person. I just look kind of squatty.

Anyway, back to the husband post. This is for Leslie who tagged me.

1. What is your husband's name?
Daniel Taylor Hawes. I am greatly opposed using middle names as first names, especially when that is the plan from the beginning. Why not just use the middle name as the first name from the beginning to prevent confusion? It kind of bugs me that Taylor's name really isn't Taylor. When we first got married the doctor's office called and asked for Daniel and I told them they must have the wrong number and they said, this isn't the number for Daniel Hawes? And I realized my mistake and said, "oh yeah, that's my husband, let me get him."I am pretty sure they thought I was crazy. Anyway, sorry Leisy and Kent if I have offended you. It kind of bugs me that Zeb's name is really Charles and Zeb is the middle name. I kind of understand your reasoning since you couldn't break tradition but it still bugs me.

2. How long have you been married?
1 Year and 1 month

3. How long did you date?
a year

4. How old is he?
a very young 23. And I am going to be 27 in a week and half!

5. Who eats more sweets? ME! I am wearing off on taylor though. And if there are nutty bars or butterfingers involved, he outdoes me in an instant. but I am a sucker for chocolate and my new found love, girl scout cookies. They are the one and only thing I have really craved since being pregnant. The samoas, tag-alongs, and thin mints are all to die for. It is a darn good thing they only come out once a year.

6. Who said I love you first?
Taylor did. And I didn't say it back. It took me a while.

7. Who is taller?
Taylor, by 15 inches. I have to stand on the couch to kiss him or it hurts our backs. But I can wear heels for the rest of my life and never worry a bit. The only problem is, I rarely wear really flat shoes, because when I do, Taylor seems so far away.

8. Who can sing better?
Taylor. Hands down. I have almost no musical ability.

9. Who is smarter?
Taylor for sure, and mostly because he is willing to study harder and work harder at learning things which is a smart habit to have anyway.

10. Who does the laundry?
Both of us.

11. Who pays the bills?
Taylor for the most part. I don't really like paying bills. I'd rather spend money (which I am quite good at) but I don't like to see the bill.

12. Who sleeps on the right side?
Taylor sleeps on my right, we have tried to change it up but it doesn't work. We sleep each facing the walls, so bum to bum. Sometimes he gets is my way though and I push him to the edge of the bed. I think our only fighting goes on at night while we sleep. We fight over the blankets and bed space. We really need a bigger bed. Someday maybe.

13. Who mows the lawn?
We have no lawn to mow. But Taylor will probably do it. (if we ever have a lawn. taylor is in to this new urbanism thing and we may end up living in a row house somewhere where we share a park with the neighborhood, and then we won't have our own lawn to mow) But, Taylor claims that he really enjoys mowing lawns, and he says he loves the smell. I am sure I will do it on occasion. I quite enjoy it, it's a good excuse to get some sun in the summer time.

14. Who cooks dinner?
I do for the most part. Taylor normally studies or cleans the kitchen while I make dinner.

15. Who drives?
It depends on my mood. Taylor drives for the most part, but if I want to, I do.

16. Who kissed who first?
Taylor kissed me first, but I gladly accepted.

17. Who asked who out first?
Taylor asked me out first.

18. Who proposed?
Taylor of course.

19. Who has more siblings?
Taylor. He has 6 of them and 6 in laws. I only have 3 sisters and Kent.

20. Who wears the pants?
Good question. I think most people assume I do, but when I think about it, it is that way because Taylor just wants whatever makes me happy. So really, I think that gives Taylor the control. I guess we both wear the pants depending on the situation. We make all our decisions together. He is definitely the one who gets things done and gets us moving every day. If I could have my way, we would sit on the couch or in bed and snuggle all day.


happy anniversary to us! (a tad bit belated)

So we never posted about our anniversary, mostly because we weren't home for that weekend (Feb. 17th) and we never really got around to it, but it was definitely wonderful and post worthy. We had a wonderful anniversary. I really can't believe it's been a whole year, I know a year isn't all that long for everyone who has been married for years, but it was a great year. The best of my life thus far, and still all peaches and cream. Nothing hard yet. I have heard people in the past refer to their missions as the best years of their life, and all I have to say is that those people must have pretty bad marriages because marriage is leaps and bounds better than a mission. (Not that my mission wasn't great, but this marriage stuff is much easier and much better, and at least you get to choose your companion). Taylor got me two Bollywood movies for our anniversary, the two that we watched when we first started dating. They are really quite funny, the better of the two is Kal Ho Na Ho. We highly reccommend it.

We went to a little bed and breakfast for the weekend and didn't answer our phones or talk to anyone really at all. It was wonderful. When we got home we took the top layer of our wedding cake out of the freezer and ate it. It tasted surprisingly good. We even took some photos, and for all of you who don't remember our cake, I have posted a picture of the original. I loved that cake, it was my favorite part of the whole reception (except for taylor of course).

Happy one year anniversary to us. taylor wanted me to title this post "a year with my dear" I told him, no way. He also told me to post all about how much I love him, and that I can do. I have realized this past year, that I don't think there is anyone who could make me as happy as taylor does, and I never would have guessed it when I first met him (at the Gap of all places) but I am sure glad it all worked out. After we had been dating awhile he told me he was hesitant to ask me out at first since I was older (as if 25 was all that old) and not married, he thought I was desperate to find a husband and that I would want too much commitment right away. I laughed at him, especially since he was the one ready to marry me in the beginning and I was quite hesitant about the whole thing. Anyway, I sure am glad he persisted. I couldn't be any happier. I sure love you Taylor.


Charlie Bit Me - Ouch!

We found this hysterical video on you tube. we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did.

Ouch, Charlie, that really hurt. And that really hurt and it's still hurting.