I hate allergies.

This is how I am consistently feeling. I want to tell this girl to get out of the field. I'm tired of itchy eyes and a runny nose. Ugh.


We are stil alive!

It's been weeks since we have blogged, and we have been so dang busy with projects and finals we haven't had time for much of anything. These past few weeks have been great, just busy. We have finally started to get some things ready for a baby, we now have crib bedding. And we bought it at Ikea, we quite like it. I've included this picture.

I also had a little baby shower on Saturday with my old roommates, it was wonderful. It was just a small group of us and it was great. We sure wish Hillarie was still around! And we missed Kim and Jackie too! We have discovered that when we get together we talk too much and we get really loud so we can never have other people around with us, they get overwhelmed. I have included a picture, and I kind of hate it of myself, I look about as wide as can be but it's the only picture I have of the event and since I really am getting as wide as can be, I figured I can't hide it forever, so here I am in my wideness.

Anyway thanks to my girlfriends I am now slightly more prepared for a baby. We have a package of diapers and some binkies and things, and really, do you need anything else? Plus they gave me that book about things to expect the first year, and it seems to cover more than is neccessary.

So life is great, I wish I had some great pregnant stories to tell, but no strangers have tried to touch my belly yet! One lady last week told me that in a few weeks I am going to start to look and feel like a whale. I said, "why that sounds exciting." However I am starting to feel more and more like people think I am handicapped, more than once people have asked me if I should be doing something (like carrying a chair, or lifting boxes) in "my condition." What does that mean? I am in great condition. Just last week someone at work asked if I was okay walking up the stairs and that maybe I should take the elevator. But really being pregant has been quite easy thus far, and I am just grateful that I feel so good. I am going to the doctor this week and I have this fear that he is going to tell me I can't run or go to the gym anymore. I think I would have to ignore his advice. I only have seven more weeks to go-if it comes early it's ready to come anyway. If any of you have any great bits of wisdom (you know the stuff you wish you'd known, or what you would have died without) to share of things we need to do this next month before the baby comes, please share!


Interesting Tiddly-bits

So, in light of the recent move, and in light of a previous comment, I have had a wonderful time researching the wonders of Buffalo. I've decided, as a regular installment on our blog, to incorporate interesting tid bits about our future home for four years. We shall start today.

The school I will be attending is SUNY-Buffalo (State University of New York at Buffalo) part of a New York's largest state university system, and Buffalo is the system's largest campus. The Buffalo site was started in the 1800's. The law school was started by Millard Fillmore, the 13th President of these, the United States. He started this school after practising law for a few years in the Buffalo region. There's a statue in Buffalo honoring him (we'll take a picture later).

Blah blah blah. Interesting, you say. Well, hold your horses. In the 4th grade, I had to do a report on the Utah counties. My assigned county was Millard County, names after than none other than, Millard Fillmore. (It was named such because the territory of Utah was trying to win votes in DC for statehood. I remember that. I also remember that Janessa Jackson did her report on Davis County and did a little dance about Lagoon and that Brad Butterfield did his report on Piute County, the smallest of Utah's counties.) Coinsidence that I'm going to be attending his school? I think not. Basically, Buffalo was fate for me.