So with the rising price of gas, we have found oursleves thinking of ways to drive less, conserve more, and be more eco-friendly. In fact for a little while, the tree huggers in us thought it might actually be the little extra boost we all need to walk more and drive less, and with the rising cost of groceries we can all learn to eat out a little less and spend more wisely. All in all, things could be worse and we had decided to make the best of the situation.

Well, all of our optimistic thinking came to a harsh halt yesterday as we rented our moving truck for the big move to Buffalo in August. The nice Penske truck people told us that our moving truck will not only cost us a thousand dollars to rent for the week, but it gets a whopping 6-10 mpg!!! That is right, 6-10 mpg!!! AHHHHHH. With 2,000 miles to Buffalo, and about $4.00 a gallon for gas in August (if we are really lucky), we officially hate gas prices! Good bye government stimulus check, good bye savings. At least we get double airline miles on the American Express card for gas purchases.
If everyone could pray for gas prices to drop around August 9th through the 13th, we would greatly appreciate it. We may have to sell our baby.



This is the birthday cake I made him, its not really a cake.

Today is taylor's birthday and it has been absolutley wonderful. We both have no work today, so we got to sleep in and we've lounged around all day long. We worked on the crib, ran some errands, added shelves to the changing table, and it's cloudy and dreary outside. Life doesn't get any better. I think taylor is the most wonderful person in the world, and there isn't a day that goes by that I am not extremely grateful that I married him. He is the best husband and friend anyone could ask for. Since Taylor turns the big 24 today, I am going to list my 24 of my favorite things about him.

1. He's never cranky. I can always count on a consistently happy husband, (except for when there are bad drivers around or lots of traffic, I think Steve and Hailey have rubbed off on him)

2. He's tall. I never need a ladder for anything. When I can't reach things, I just call for Taylor. He's great to have around at my work too. He can reach things that none of us would ever be able to reach.

3. He is very cuddly when I need someone to cuddle with. He never complains about my incessant desire and need to be touched or be touching him.

4. He has a wonderful voice, and at church on Sundays during the hymns, I just like to lean up against him and listen.

5. He is as kind as can be.

6. He enjoys learning and studying.

7. He cleans the house inside and out every friday while I am at work and he has the day off.

8. He puts lotion on my feet every night, and then tickles my back.

9. He works really hard at everything he does.

10. taylor always thinks the best of me, even when I haven't been my best.

11. He let me buy the diaper bag that I really wanted even though it cost twice as much as our crib! (but it's really cute and our crib was really cheap)

12. He has great style and fashion sense, and is therefore the world's greatest person to go shopping with.

13. He is smart as can be, and I am glad he is the one starting school in the fall, not me.

14. He's great company. I never get tired of him.

15. He is patient.

16. He watches CSI:New York with me every wednesday night because I love it.

17. He loves children and will be a wonderful father.

18. He lets me steal the blankets at night, and he doesn't get mad, even though I get mad when he steals them from me.

19. He lets me jump into bed with him in the morning after I have been at the gym and I am all sweaty- and he only gets kind of mad.

20. He always tells me he like what I cook for dinner.

21. He scares really easily, and jumps really high when I jump out from behind things at him.

22. He is understanding and loving whenever I am upset- even when I seem to be irrational (although I am rarely irrational:)

23. He makes the bed really well

24. He's very loveable.


spring cleaning!

This weekend was wonderful. I Had the day off of work on Saturday, and taylor and I got all sorts of great things accomplished. We finally decided to get some things ready for a baby to come (seeing as how its coming fairly soon) We have three weeks left and I am hoping it comes a little late, but my doctor tells me it could be here anytime now. We started with cleaning out the back bedroom and getting the crib sanded and partially painted. Taylor is going to work on the crib the rest of this week and we hope to finish it soon. We chose some great fabric we are going to put in the end panels of the crib, and I can't wait to post pictures of the finished product once we are done.

While cleaning our back bedroom, taylor and I were going through some stuffed animals and we found the greatest stuffed animal ever made, Kent's half-finished sadly armless and slighlty distorted sock monkey that he made and gave me for Christmas the first year he and leisy were married. I think it will be our child's first toy. We have posted a picture here for you all to see it. Thank you kent!

On saturday morning, taylor and I also decided to go out in search of a changing table. We headed to the D.I. and got there right as it opened and we found one! It was a second hand store miracle. And we are darn lucky we got there early because word on the street is that stuff like that never lasts long at the Provo D.I. So we bought a white changing table for $25, we thought it was a little pricey for the D.I. but we bit the bullet and we are quite happy with our purchase. We cleaned it up and put it in the room and covered it with all the toys and stuffed animals we own. It has shelves on the inside and we are going to go buy some baskets to put inside. we love it and we hope baby does too.

I'd like to say we are now a bit more prepared for the arrival of a child, but really I think we are going to need a heck of a lot more than a changing table. We really hope it doesn't come sooner than later. We have too much to do before June! We are however prepared for winter, we do have blankets! Thank you grandma Oswald! It's weird to think that my grandma is going to be a great-grandma to this baby, great grandmas are wonderful! and we love the blankets and all the bright colors. They will come in handy in Buffalo! thank you thank you thank you.



During the past year as a technical authority for the City of Lehi, I have become intimately familiar with mutts. Yes, those hicks in Lehi love their mongrels, and they like them in all shapes, sizes, colors, and whatever other adjective you can think of to describe them.

Today, I saw one that resembled this puppy. Thank goodness there was a sturdy chainlink fence inbetween us, or else I might not be typing this right now. The one today did have one green eye and one brownish/blue eye. I hope our child gets that allele.
This is never a reception I recieve. I walk around with Laney's iPod in, listening to classical literature or the Wicked soundtrack--to drown out at least some of the monotony of the day. Drowning out the monotony also drowns out the approaching canine, and being the jumpy person that I am, I am quite often startled by a large bark coming from the other side of the fence. If Laney saw me, she would just laugh and laugh at my jumpiness. It happens rather frequently. If dogs received me with this cute smile, I might be less jumpy. Probably not, though.

None of the dog's I've seen can play the didgeridoo.
I usually see dogs that look like these

Luckily I have only been bitten once. I guess it serves me right for just watching a dog bite my companion and I did absolutely nothing to stop it and just laughed once it happened. I told the risk manager and he said that if it ever happened again, I should call him and he would have the dog tested right then and there. Thankfully, that hasn't happened again, but I have come close a few times. Just last week this lady says to me, "Oh, they won't bite you, but they don't like men, and they don't like sudden movements" and then I trip on my big feet and kick the dog in the face. Well, I felt a little canine canine (if you know what I'm sayin') on my toes, but luckily not that much. It was close. When I did get bit, the owner was standing right there, but didn't really care. No worries though--I'm not foaming at the mouth...yet.

One of my observations about dogs is that dog owners tend to find each other. There are neighborhoods in Lehi that are STOCKED with dogs--every house having at least 2. Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark!!! It seriously like working in a pound. And others, similar to the one I worked in today and yesterday have narry a dog in sight or sound. And the one's that are there, are just so well mannered. I'm a fan of well mannered dogs. I'm also a fan of cool sounding dog names. I met a dog yesterday named Diesel. I really like that name, and contemplated sharing it with Laney as a possible name for the newest one, but then realized that it is a better suiting name for a dog than a child. I mean, how do you shorten that, Esel? Sounds like easel. My child will not be called after an art supply. Additionally, I wouldn't want a constant reminder of my diesel gas escapade in Luton. Ah. So, needless to say, if we consider ever having a dog, we just might consider the name Diesel.

Yes, dogs and I are becoming acquinted. Even more so now that I'm frequenting more and more backyards. Can I be the first to say that whoever decided to put power lines in the back of people's yards was definitely NOT thinking of me.


our trip to capitol reef

Our trip down south was quite enjoyable, the weather was wonderful and Capitol Reef is beautiful. It is strange to think how close we live to all this cool stuff and people travel from all over the world to see it. We camped at a little campground in the middle of the park and it was great, all except for the crazy disgusting caterpillar nests. There are these nasty furry like pods in all the trees all over the park that are swarming with nasty furry caterpillars and they were just falling out of the trees. We had to strategically place our tent far away from the trees. I couldn't even look at the nasty things, they gave me the dry heaves. They were everywhere!

We hiked a bit and enjoyed the sights, we saw petroglyphs and met lots of europeans, we ate at strange little utah restaurants, and we enjoyed each others company. We only stayed overnight but it was a perfect little weekend away, we got a little bit of sun and I ate my favorite cookies, Keebler Rainbow Chip. (I only get them for road trips and special occasions). We highly recommend a trip to Capitol Reef to all.


our not so exciting lives.

I don't have much to blog about but we are in desperate need of a new post. Taylor and I are heading off to Capitol Reef National Park this weekend for some hiking and camping, so hopefully we can post some great pics on Sunday but until then, you won't be getting much.

Graduation was last week, and taylor graduated! hooray for that. (we didn't take any pics, so we will have to get them from taylor's mom and dad and then we can post them) and hooray for no more homework for taylor all summer. Hooray for summer! Taylor's summer jobs (other than his real job at lehi) is to get us ready for the baby, find us a place to live in Buffalo, take care of the baby, and then get us ready to move. He has started on the crib, and we are excited to share before and after pics once it is done, we just hope it is ready in time for the baby. We have five weeks to go if it comes when it is supposed to. I went to the doctor yesterday and he tells me I have to go every week now (he also told me that I have a perfect uterus!), I asked him if I could maybe just come back in two weeks instead since there aren't any problems, he said no. I think I may try and call to reschedule anyway. Doctor's appointments are incredibly boring. You pee in a cup, he takes my blood pressure, and he weighs me. I can do all that at home or at the grocery store (you know those blood pressure things in the pharmacy). Yesterday I asked my doctor if there is anyway to actually injure the baby when I exercise because in spinning yesterday we did these crazy sprints and every time I pedalled my legs around they hit my belly and the baby kept pushing back into my ribs. He says I am probably okay. I just wonder if a baby can get shaken baby syndrome in the womb. Anybody know? I guess it is a good sign that the baby pushes back, it means it's still alive.