baby hank is growing.

Here is our baby hank. We went to the doctor this week and Hank gained more than a pound. He is 8'2 now and he isn't quite so little and squishy any more. And he actually stays awake for more than 10 minutes at a time now. I have not yet decided if this is a good or bad thing. The more he is awake, the more attention he demands. He is already trying to get us to hold him all the time and we are trying to teach him that he should be happy without being held.

Life with a baby has been somewhat interesting and somewhat boring. Hank tries to make it exciting by throwing up often. He doesn't just spit up, he has this problem where he projectile vomits at least twice a day. This kid can throw up across the room but he always seems to do it in the middle of the night all over our bed- dang kid. But he isn't unhappy and he doesn't seem to be in pain, so we just keep letting him throw up. He has gained plenty of weight so we know he is eating enough.


At Last...

*I would post pictures of the 'before,' but just imagine a really really really poorly painted white crib with drips and drips of paint. Also, I took pictures, but can't find them. So, imagine. And now...
The Inspiration:
The During:

The Man, The Myth, and The Legend: The Completed Project:

Another thing checked off my list for the summer.

Crib *check*
Baby *check*
Place to live *check*
Read a non-modernist novel *check* (Lord of the Flies--highly highly recommended)
Get a my first 'father's day' tie *heck ya*


One Week

So far, so good. Hank has already taken to solid foods, learned his ABC's and is reading at a 2nd grade level. His golf stroke is almost down and he is planning on putting his dad through school. What a trooper! Here's some of our favorite pictures from his first week of life.
He already loves his first stuffed animal--thanks to Kent for the ugly homemade sock monkey. We're hoping the safety pins that are holding it together don't hurt him.


Welcome Henry Philip Hawes

Here is baby Hank's first real picture. He looks like an alien baby, check out that cone head. I never actually saw him like this but taylor did, and the doctor told him to take a picture of the head because it would go down within the hour, so here he is. Don't worry, he has gotten a tad bit better looking. But I was pushing for 2 1/2 hours and the poor little guy had the cord wrapped around his neck when he came out, so he was a little traumatized. He was 7ibs and 19 inches long. I hope to never have a bigger baby.

Here is our first family picture, notice how nice taylor looks compared to myself and the baby. Taylor was a wonderful help through the delivery however. My only request to him was that he not cheer me on while I pushed or tell me things like, "you can do it! or keep going!" He didn't give me a single word of annoying encouragement, he was perfect. Overall, the delivery was great, I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, but I am alive and well. And so are Taylor and baby.

We had little Henry on friday the 6th. He came a little earlier than I had hoped, I missed two weddings this weekend (sorry Whitney and Bethany!) but I imagine it was all worth it. I woke up friday morning and headed off to the gym for kickboxing, i felt wonderful and class was going just fine until about six fifteen when I round house kicked to the left, and as I came down, I felt a warm wet sensation in my shorts. My first thought was, "o my goodness, I just peed my pants." I then realized that the liquid kept coming, so I tore off to the bathroom (all along the way, the water just kept coming) and realized I was soaking wet. Once in the bathroom, I concluded that I had probably not in fact peed my pants, but my water had broken, seeing as how it wasn't yellow and it just kept coming and coming! I waited a bit and headed back to class to get my keys, jacket, and waterbottle where it was obvious to all (by my soaking wet shorts, and the puddle I had made) that I wasn't going to be finishing class. My teacher got excited and the class all cheered me off as a friend of mine (liliana, who is also nine months pregnant) walked me to the parking lot and wished me luck. It was all kind of exciting and scary- mostly because I realized I was going to have a baby and there was nothing I could do about it. I put my sweathshirt on the car seat so I wouldn't leak too much in the car and I called Leisy to ask her what to do- she just laughed and said, I guess you should go to the hospital. I drove home and woke Taylor up and we showered, Taylor did our dishes from the night before and packed a hospital bag (of course we hadn't packed one yet) while I got ready to go (I figured since I wasn't having any contractions or anything, I might as well take the time to do my make-up and hair for the day). We then went to breakfast, ran a few errands, and set off for the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, I don't think they believed that I was ready to have a baby, but they did the tests and realized I was in fact ready to have a baby. They started pitocin a few hours later and voila, by six thirty pm, we had a baby boy. All I have to say about the whole labor and contraction thing is, thank heavens for the epidural! I thought maybe I could do it without (and I am sure I could have) but after feeling those contractions and all that pain, I don't know why I would ever want to! Everything was so much easier and better with the epidural. Unfortunately, the epidural didn't quite take as well as it should have, and a few times I thought I was going to die (really, I couldn't believe how badly it hurt), but the Anesthesiologist was always nearby, and he was kind enough to return and give me more medicine. Thank heaven for pain killers! Labor is so much better when you can't feel anything, and you can just chat with the doctor and nurses between pushes.

Anyway, here is our little bugaboo, he doesn't really fit in his car seat, and he is still a little squishy, but we quite like him and we have decided to keep him. We will post more pictures of the little guy soon. Thanks for all your well wishes!


one week from today.

So the baby is due in a week from today my doctor tells me. He switches back and forth between the 10th and the 11th, but today at our visit he said the 10th (not that it really matters much). Anyway, so Dr. Mower is a nice man and although the exam he did today hurt like crazy, I have decided that I still quite like him. He raved about my wonderful cervix, he said it was very favorable (whatever that means), I think he was more excited about it all than I am. I feel like a walking time bomb, and I really hope to not have this baby this week. However, I am getting slightly uncomfortable at bedtime and in spin class. This morning I felt like there was a small head jamming into my pelvis with every pedal stroke. I got excited just thinking about going to the gym someday in the near future without this baby inside of me. I think I have forgotten what it feels like to exercise without a bump on my belly.
 Anyone want to take a guess as to the gender? My doctor thinks its a boy. 

Anyway, onto exciting news, Taylor and I had some great luck this week, we found a place to live in Buffalo! Well it wasn't really luck, we actually owe it all to some people we have never met, but that we hope to soon meet- a family in Buffalo who found our blog found the apartment for us (thank heavens for mormons and blogging I guess) Anyway, thank you McIntiers! The apartment sounds great, it's the second level of a house, it has three bedrooms, and a front and back porch. It is supposed to be a really neat house, and it is across the street from the Buffalo Zoo! They say you can see some of the animals from the porch. We haven't actually seen it, but we feel pretty good about it, and the best part is, the landlord isn't making us sign into a lease so if we hate it, we don't have to stay!  We looked it up in Google earth and it looks like a neat neighborhood from what we could see, and the houses are all really neat and old looking. And it has washer and dryer hookups! Anyway, we sure feel blessed and excited.