Buffalo wings, bathtime, & bedtime

Today we went to the place where Buffalo wings were born. In all honesty I had always wondered why spicy chicken wings were called buffalo wings. I was never dumb enough to wonder if buffalo really had wings, I just didn't get it. Now I do. However, I don't understand all the excitement surrounding them, they weren't all that good- Taylor seemed to somewhat enjoy them, I'm just not into fried bone-in chicken. However, if any of you come to visit, we will take you to the Anchor Bar so you can say you have tasted Buffalo wings in their birthplace.
Anyway- and back to what more or less consumes our lives: (except for those wondrous hours he sleeps) baby Henry. He's obbsessed with bathtime and he looks really cute in his duck towel.

Baby Henry has also mastered scooting around in his crib, however, he can only scoot one direction and everytime he sleeps he ends up squished into the corner with his head plastered up against the bars. Poor little guy. Sometimes we even find his leg and arm hanging out. But it doesn't seem to phase him except for the red mark across his forehead that lingers for an hour or so after naptime.


buffalo is great and I am glad to be home!

This picture is us at the Hill Cumorah (only 80 minutes a way) with a friend of mine who is there serving a mission. Palmyra, NY is an amazingly beautiful little town. Anyone who wants to come visit in the next four years is welcome to stay with us!

So we are getting settled here in Buffalo and while we do miss people and things from orem, we really do love it here! As you can tell, we love our apartment. And an added perk of the apartment is the wonderful next door neighbors (they are the people who found our apartment for us). Our neighbors are terrific- really. We were worried they could be weird and strange (you know, not normal like us :) but they are fanatsatic, and good company as well. The only strange thing is, with all of our windows and all of their windows, we can watch each other all day long. It keeps us on our best behavior, and there is always someone to talk to,even if it is their three year old max who wants to talk about elephants at the zoo while yelling through the screen.
Our ward is also terrific, it's nice to have a built in family wherever you go. Our bishop is a violinist in the Buffalo Orchestra and everyone here seems to be as nice as ever. We go walking every morning at 7:45 and they walk really fast which I love! I am not into the walking groups that leisurely stroll- in fact sometimes they even jog here. hooray!

baby hank has been wonderful as well, he has been sleeping ten hours a night! the kid is incredible and I couldn't be happier. He still throws up all day long- but he is happy about it so we aren't complaining.

This is a picture of my favorite garage sale purchase. It was $.50! And I hope Henry likes it someday as much as I do.


So, this is Henry's room. As we type, he's not loving it as much as he did in this video. But really, the kid has got to sleep. For his sanity. For ours. If you can't tell, Henry's in the glossular stage. His tongue is always out and he is smacking his lips continually. Tongue tongue tongue. The rest of the house is pretty much boring. You know, basic bedrooms that aren't furnished yet, so don't get your hopes up. However, the laundry room is something to behold. Brace yourselves for a shocker.

Yesterday was my first day of school. Quite refreshing. One of my classes is using a text book that I have already read and never sold back because I thought it would come in handy again. Boy, was I right. The other seems very introductory to the history of planning, which I've already learned. There are a lot of students in my program that came from other disciplines (sociology, political science, geography) so I'm not complaining. This first semester will be easier than I think I originally thought it would be. Still challenging, but it is shaping up to be easier. We introduced ourselves last night and I'm the only student from Utah. Kinda exciting. Never really had that happen to me before. Additionally, I think only three or four others are from the west of the Mississippi. Also a new experience for me. But things are going well for the first two days, seeing as how I have no classes on Tuesday.


The Dining Room and Kitchen

To make this faster, and less boring because our rooms are so barren, I've combined the next two rooms in the house. The kitchen is great. A huge improvement from our last kitchen, where our washer doubled as a countertop. All I wanted when I got here was more counterspace, and, though, not by much, we got. The best part about all of the ceilings fans in this house and all the door frames is that I do not even have to worry about nicking my head on them. They clear my head by a good 6 inches. I think that I'll stop doing that automatic duck every time I go through a door. I'm still debating as to whether this is a good thing or not.

Life without Laney continues to be so boring. Hank is cute, but just not good company. He sleeps/cries throughout most of the day and never talks back, at least not intelligibly. Though he is playing smiling games with me now which is cute. Hank is not as good as a cuddler. Laney doesn't poop, puke, or pee on me (all three of which happened today) and Laney doesn't wake me up screaming for food. Sigh. I miss her and Saturday can't come soon enough.

One more thing, the windows were cleaned today. The cleaner guessed that the last time they were cleaned was 10 years ago. They came and just scraped off years of grit and gunk. Gross. The house is just sparkling and the glass it the old kind of glass that isn't all the way even. I learned about it once in Chemistry, how glass not really a solid but a really super cooled liquid and that over time, the shape changes. Well, before I just nodded my head in humble obedience to Mr Hummer but now, I can say "I have witnessed for myself." Another aspect of this house that just wins me over.



K, so after MUCH looking, I found the cord. Don't worry, it was in the place that I checked at least 5 time--the glove box in the car. A normal check would just consist of running out the door to check, but seeing as how our driveway has just been resealed, the car is parked a block away for the next two days. An even greater success.

Hank is loving his new jumper. Thanks to Aunt Kalle and Uncle Merrill for this little bundle. And, another perk of this new house is that there are actually door frames to hang it on. On good ol' Sara Cir, there were none save the closet. But now we can hang him in his room, the kitchen, the living room, or the bathroom. Hooray for beautiful door frames!

Here is the front stairway and our living room. It all looks a little bare right now, but don't worry, we've got about 4 years to fill it up. The sound in the background is from all the cars zooming by. It is rush hour and we do live on a pretty major street.



Sorry folks. Maybe I shouldn't make promises until I can deliver. Minor problem: I can't find the cord that gets the pictures off of the camera and onto my computer. So much for my ambition. I'm sure I'll come across it in the last box I unpack. Sorry.


Safe and Sound

Well, we made it safe and sound. We've been frantically unpacking and discovering that what we thought was too much stuff in Orem has turned into not nearly enough here in Buffalo. Our house is huge huge huge and, at present, scattered with cardboard boxes and lacking furniture. Such is life. When we told people that we were moving to house where the owner lived downstairs and we had only seen pictures of the outside, we got some funny looks. We will readily admit that we took our chances. Our new home for the next fours years could have been a dump, old and run down or it could have been the latest miracle in the year 2008. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it was the latter. Our home here is a rather large and beautiful miracle. Not like the miracle of the seagulls miracle, but a little miracle nonetheless. Aside from the extra bedroom, we have a dining room, a rather large pantry, a HUGE living room, a 'reading' room off of that room, a beautiful entryway, an attic to store the stuff we used to keep in Hank's room, a garage, a beatiful garden, and a wonderful landlady. We also have a little room that is attached to our bedroom that Laney wants to turn into a walk-in closet and I want as a little study. In all honestly, it is probably big enough for both, but we'll see whose ideas win out. Also, there are glass french doors throughout the house, glass doorknobs with skeleton keys, a whopping total of 28 windows, a fireplace, and, my personal favorite, real old fashioned wood floors. Needless to say again, we got ourselves a little miracle. Thank you McIntiers (I think that I can hear Max playing outside right now). We gambled big, and we scored.

Now, Laney says that a post is not a post without pictures. Believe me, I somewhat agree, but, our house now is not presentable. So, seeing as how I'm spening this entire week alone, I'll try to post a room a day, pictures and/or videos included.

Now to Hank, the real reason that many of you read this blog. His trek across the country was great. That greatness fell short the day after we arrived. We've had to run around and his little schedule just went up in smokes. He now despises his carseat, and can you really blame him. He didn't do so well in church today (at least for me) and when I took Laney to the airport, he SCREAMED the ENTIRE way home. I think he already misses his mom. He's in for a great week with his daddy.

Yesterday, Laney and I went garage 'sale'ing and hit up the main garage sales. An entire street had about 20 garage sales and we found some great deals. The highlight for me were the two identical goblets that we have broken since marriage. The highlight for Laney was the little giraffe bike for Hank for 50 cents. We've already planned to hit up the yard sales for the next little while. Buffalonians are cheap sellers and have cool stuff. We're hoping to run across something we can take to the antiques roadshow. The first place we're going to start looking is the attic.


3 more days!

We are still alive and well, and baby hank is growing like a weed. He also still spits up like crazy, but not in large amounts anymore, just little bits all throughout the day as can be seen in the picture above. But I must say, taylor and I make a dang cute baby. We had to take him to the doctor yesterday for his 8 week check up and my post baby check-up. The doctor informed me that my cervix and uterus were amazingly back to normal already and that i am ready to have another baby. I told my doctor that he was crazy and that I would not in fact be having another baby anytime soon. Anyway so back to hank, as most of you know, at 8 weeks babies get their first set of immunizations. It wasn't too bad, he got three shots and a team of nurses administered them simultaneously so as to not traumatize him too much, but I think it may have backfired. The poor little guy nearly died and was quite cranky the rest of the day, execept for last night when he got all cuddly and lethargic. I actually quite liked his cuddliness.

Anyway, so our lives are as busy as imaginably possible. Having a newborn and working and packing a house makes for a crazy busy life. We are kind of excited for September when we can relax a bit and get settled in buffalo. I have included one more pic of the baby. This is him expressing his discontent about being in the car for four hours straight. little does he know what this weekend has in store. Thank heavens metta and daysa will be in the back seat to keep him company.