Our weekend with Leisy, Kent, & Zeb

Kent surprised Leisy this past weekend and they came here from Toledo for a little visit. It sure is nice having them relatively close by. We had lots of fun and took lots of pictures. The picture above is Henry and Zeb watching Thomas the Train together. They seemed to like each other. Henry loved that he had someone to look at in the back seat. We also went to the great pumpkin patch here. It was quite enjoyable- and Leisy and Kent make everything funnier. Especially since they only wanted to drive one car every where we went. They shared one spot in the back seat, and it was hysterical.

Here are our pictures of the pumpkin patch-

So this picture is not of the pumpkin patch, but it is for all you family at home to see a picture of hanky panky. He is growing! And still eating his hands.

I have included this picture so you can all see how much our dang baby drools. Kinda gross huh? This kid is a bodily fluid producing machine. With all the drool and throw up, I sometimes wonder how he stays hydrated.

I just thought all these gourds were beautiful. I love fall and I love Halloween.

And lastly, here is our little family. I can't wait to dress up little Hank for Halloween.
Leisy and Kent quite enjoyed the spook alley but Zeb felt differently.


Welcome to the world of solid foods little Henry!

If Henry could talk, I imagine he would tell everyone that we starve him to death- because he sure acts like it. He started waking up in the middle of the night this week to eat, and he yells and screams during the day until we feed him. So instead of dropping him off at the nearest fire station and giving him away (you know, it's legal to do that until they are six months) we decided to try and feed him real food (not that any of us consider rice cereal real food). Henry is in love. He ate every last bit I fed him today. I don't really know how much to feed him and the box doesn't say, so I just fed him a little bowl of the nasty stuff and when we finished he wasn't happy. As you can see below, I think he wanted more.

I have also included a few more pictures below for Leisy who claims she has forgotten what he looks like because I don't post enough. He has taken to sucking on his hand quite well- we are hoping it becomes a wonderful substitute for a binky since he won't take one!


No more thesis!!!

So I am absolutely sick and tired of my thesis. Which is sad really because I have a lot more to go and I really don't work on it nearly as much as I should. I am almost finished with my literature review (kind of) there is always more to do and there will be until the dang thing is finished. The literature review is by far my least favorite part. I was not meant to write papers like this. I would rather give birth to a child than write this thesis. I like my ideas more than other people's anyway- I therefore hate lit reviews! Anyway I am currently taking a break from the lit review and the pikachu (thats my new name for Henry) is sound asleep.

I have also been thinking lately how much I desperately want to win the $5,000 gift card to Target for doing the customer experience survey. Sometimes I just think of reasons to buy something at target so I can do the survey again and get another chance at winning. I also sometimes just sit and think about all the things I would buy. I wouldn't buy groceries and practical things, I would buy fun things. I told Taylor that if we win I would have to give Leisy a few hundred dollars of it since she would do the same for me. He begrudgingly agreed. I would probably give some to Hailey too since she loves target.

Here are some more pictures of Henry. He really is cute most of the time. He's growing on me.

This is the face he makes when taylor growls at him. It's adorable and really sad all at the same time.


missing utah...a little bit

Taylor and I were chatting today about loving it here in Buffalo and how lucky and blessed we are to have such a wonderful place to live and even a whole new group of wonderful and enjoyable friends. However, there are some things we really miss about good old orem and we want to share them. Here are our some of the things we miss most (in no particular order)

Hailey & Steve (and jack of course)

We really got attatched to such good friends/family. Cousins and siblings always seem to make the best friends- it's just easier. There is never that akward getting to know you stage, and no matter what happens, you'll always be friends. We loved Steve and his upholstering abilities (we got a chair, crib, and ottoman out of him!). I always loved having Hailey to go to the gym with, and her chocolate chip cookies are to die for. We could always count on you guys to do strange things with us- like go to chuck-a-rama for dinner or go to that crazy nasty xechtoliian(heaven only knows how to spell it) market on state street. We miss you guys!

The Mountains (especially mt. timp)

I have seen many beautiful things and places all over the world, and I still think these mountains at sunset and sunrise are quite possibly the most beautiful site I have ever seen.

The Museum of Art at BYU

I absolutely loved my job at the MOA. The years I spent there were some of my greatest. I loved the people I worked with, I loved buying for the store, and I grew to love, appreciate, and understand art while working at the MOA. I miss my coworkers like crazy. And I miss my friend Jamie and our weekly lunch date.

Our favorite radio station 101.9 the end

We miss the great selection of music and the hysterical morning show. The day before we left, Taylor called in to say goodbye. He was on the radio. It was pretty cool.

And for Leisy, who wanted a non-crying picture of Hank. Here he is, you can all see how fat he is getting. If he gets any fatter we may put him on a diet! He actually isn't too chunky, his face is all squisshed. However, I don't love super fat babies. Most people (including taylor) think chunky legs and arms are cute on babies, I disagree.


I almost gave Henry away today

We went on a drive this evening after our walk was cut short by a rain storm and Henry was as bad as can be. I don't think he has ever been so bad. He screamed and screamed and screamed. I almost smothered him with a blanket. Then I remembered how cute he had been earlier on our walk (as you can all see below) and I loved him again. And I decided that next time we go on a drive we will just leave the kid at home.
We also went to Canada today. We only live about five miles from Canada. The beaches of the Great Lake Erie in Canada are better than America's. It was beautiful. We were going to swim but it was a bit too chilly.

Taylor and Henry quite enjoyed their first trip to Canada. For any of you who come visit, we will take you to Canada too! Just remember your birth certificates, passports, or state issued id!

We have decided that in the next few weeks or so we will give you a tour of our neighborhood. This sign below is to peak your interest and get you all excited for future posts. We live in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods you could ever imagine. We even have a Frank Lloyd Wright House around the corner.