Pictures of Hanky Panky

Little Henry seems to finally be turning into a real little boy rather than a boring baby. He seems to have a bit of a personality. However he is still a little more needy than I would like. Our ward is full of babies his age and they all seem to sit in their car seats quietly and happily all through sacrament meeting, and Henry will have no part of being reverent- he may however have gotten that from me. I have a hard time with the whole sitting still through church thing too. Anyway, I wish I had something more exciting to post, but I don't. So here are pics of the kid:

He sucks on everything! Evertime we put him in the bouncer, we find him trying to eat the ropes.

This is his little Jogging outfit. It is what he wears to stay warm when I take him running with me. He may seem really happy in this picture, but he normally doesn't like the outfit much at all. It constricts his movement.
He is almost sitting unassisted, and he quite enjoys it. I didn't put his hand on the arm of the rocking chair, he did.
Aren't they cute?
We decided to splurge and buy one of those waterproof bibs at BabysRus. We bought the cat in the hat one. However it is making eating time much messier than we could have ever expected. He tries to eat the bib everytime we put food in his mouth which means the food ends up all over his body and face! We may try feeding him in the nude from here on out.


Niagra Falls 5k

I ran a 5k this morning in the pouring rain on the island at Niagra Falls with some ward friends. We didn't take this picture but this is where the race was. It was quite enjoyable, and kindof neat to run along the falls and around the island. Its crazy to think we are this close to the Falls. Taylor and Henry came to watch and Henry didn't enjoy the cold and rain.

This is a post race picture with our next door neighbor and wonderful friend Abby. We are wearing our cool orange race t-shirts. As you can clearly see- I didn't wear mine during the race and she did.


It's freezing!

It snowed here last night- only little blustering snow- but snow nonetheless. The high yesterday was 41. Our house is an ice box. When I took little Henry out of the bath yesterday steam was rising from his head. We wanted to wait til November to turn our heat on, but we may not make it. We just try and keep little Henry warm. He loves his little bouncer- and I think all the bouncing helps keep him warm. We try and bake lots of things in the oven too- it really warms up the the house. We started up our fireplace last night too, but unless you stand right in front of it, it doesn't really make us any warmer. All the heat goes up the chimney. Who knew that real fireplaces were so ineffective.

Here are some more pictures of our cute baby. It's weird to see how fast he is growing. We finally found a doctor here and we are going in for his 4 month checkup on Nov. 14th. By then he will be well over 5 months. But such is life- it's the only time they could fit him in. Boo to immunizations. I really hate being there for the shots. Granted, I have only done it once, but that was enough.


Our trip to the Buffalo Zoo.

We took a little trip to the zoo yesterday thanks to our friend Melanie who had an extra pass. It was nice to finally see the Rhino and giraffe up close rather than from our front yard. This picture below is Henry who was not very amused with the Zoo or the Rocky Mountain Longhorn Sheep/Goat thing. However, as some of you may see, Henry has the binky in his mouth!!! That is right, we have had a wee bit of success with the bink. He doesn't actually suck on it, he chews on it- and it normally only stays in for 30-45 sec, but nonetheless, it is progress!

The Zoo also had a very fascinating animal, an ROUS! That's right, an actual ROUS. I don't really remember what its exact name was, but I know what I saw. They were creepy and ugly. They were much bigger than a rabbit or cat. They were definitely big enough to eat Henry.


We went to Palmyra, NY, on Saturday to go to the temple there. (It's only a 90 minute drive). It was a great little trip- but it lasted all day! Our ward does this baby swap where you go to the temple and leave your child with a bunch of other kids and parents and then when you finish you get to take care of the kids while the other parents go to the temple. We were glad we went, but next time we may try a different approach to a babysitter. We strongly recommend a drive through upstate New York in the fall. It was a beautiful day. The weather here has taken a turn for the warm. It was 70 degrees yesterday. This is the view from the Hill Cumorah.

Here is little Henry in his favorite place in the house- the bathroom floor. We don't know why he loves it so much but if he is upset we just go stick him on the rug and his worries seem to disappear. Don't mind his funny pajamas, all his other ones were dirty. Isn't he adorable? We think he likes the colors (all the pink) and the lights and sounds. He seems to quite enjoy the shower, bath, toilet flushing, and even surprisingly the blow dryer.

And for all of you who couldn't seem to see the jello fish in our last post (Jessica, Leslie, & Leisy) here is the mold. Now can you see it?


Our baby can yell

Little Henry learned to yell this past week. I caught a snippet of it on video. It's kind of cute but mostly annoying. Sometimes he does it at the grocery store- heaven only knows what it is he wants. Sorry the video is sideways, we couldn't get it straight. Don't worry, you aren't missing anything, the yelling still sounds the same. And he is just as cute as ever.

A few weeks ago (when Leisy and Kent were here) we went to an estate sale and bought an aluminum fish jello mold. The woman we bought it from informed me that back in the 60's (or sometime around then) no housewife was a proper housewife without a good jello mold. She asked us if we were actually going to make jello in it. I informed her that we would (little did she know that I had just moved from Jello Capital USA). I also informed her that I wanted to make a fish cake. She told me that I couldn't bake in aluminum. I told her that I would look it up on the Internet to see if I actually could, she then informed me that I didn't need the Internet because she was 60 something years old and she knew that you can't cook in aluminum. Anyway, I came home and looked it up on the Internet and sometime in the next few weeks or so, we will be posting a picture of a fish cake, because turns out, you can bake in an aluminum jello mold. And turns out, I am now a proper housewife. (However, Taylor did make the jello pictured above so maybe he is the proper housewife).

Lastly, an explanation of this picture.
Last week Henry was being fussy so I put him to bed. Normally when he is fussy it means nap time. He normally cries for a few minutes and then falls sound asleep. Well last week he kept screaming and screaming, so 15 minutes later I went to go check on him- and this is what I found! His little face was covered in blood and so were his sheets. I was quite alarmed at first- and I thought that maybe little Henry had the Ebola virus and was throwing up his insides. I cleaned his face and mouth and found no trace of a bleeding wound. I thought maybe he had thrown it up (which is always bad news for a little baby) so I waited a few minutes for him to throw up again (which he promptly did. the kid is more predictable than old faithful) and the spit up was white as can be. I considered calling the doctor (but then I realized we don't yet have one) so I did what any good mother would do- I gave him a bath to calm him down and clean him up, and then I put him back to bed. I also called Taylor and then Leisy for their advice and the consensus was that it must be nothing. I still don't know what happened, my guess is that he scratched the inside of his mouth. But the little guy is still alive and well.


we skipped fall and winter has arrived...

It's really cold here in Buffalo. The nights are in the 30's. Our house is freezing, and we aren't turning the heater on until at least November. It's way too expensive. I wear my furry boots all over the house now. I quite like it. However, I don't think Hank likes it much at all. He has been very irritable lately and he isn't sleeping well. We bought him some winter wear and we are giving him more blankets at night which we really hope helps. And Taylor is going to get us a fire in the fire place soon. I couldn't be happier about a fireplace. We'll post pictures once Taylor figures it all out.

Henry eats sweet potatoes now. We don't think he really likes them much. We may just stick to the rice cereal for awhile. He has also been having rashes all over his face since he has been eating them, but we think it is from throwing up and then rubbing his face in it in bed. The dang kid won't stop throwing up. Our lives are somewhat dull for the time being, and I am having a difficult time coming up with things to post. I thought that once we moved here to Buffalo that things would die down a bit and I would have time to go do adventurous things, but I feel busier than ever. Working 20 hours a week and having a thesis to write keeps me busy, not to mention taking care of Hanky panky.

Anyway, in the spare time we do have, we like to go estate sale shopping. Every weekend here in Buffalo, there are estate sales. Estate sales are like yard sales but much much better. They have them when people die. You go to houses all over the city where everything inside is for sale. Everything! (We have seen some weird stuff. i.e. bed pans) Sometimes it feels a little weird rummaging through dead people's clothing, but it fascinating. A few weeks ago we went to a house where the woman was obssessed with books and she had 20,000 books in her attic. It was incredible. Anyway we got this desk, and the little white rocking chair that Henry is on. The rocking chair was only $5. Taylor is going to re-finish it for us.

Here is our last picture for this post. Henry likes to sit up now, but he can't quite do it by himself, and this is normally the end result when he tries. It is really funny.