Our Thanksgiving week

Henry's favorite thing about Thanksgiving was the new toy he inherited from his cousin Zeb. He quite enjoys the giant lady bug and we couldn't be happier to have something new to entertain him with. Henry also loved all the new food he experienced over Thanksgiving. We finally broke down and fed him fruit. He is in love. However we let him try at least five new & different foods in one day and he got a rash on his face- and we may never know what caused it. But he sure was happy. He even ate some of the turkey.

He acts happy in this picture above in the bumbo chair, but he really didn't like it much. His legs are a little too chunky and he didn't like how it restricted his movement, he kept arching his back to get out. He is a little too old for it I guess.

Here is Thanksgiving Dinner. It was delicious. It took way too much time to create. I did however learn a new trick from Rachel Ray to keep the turkey super moist and flavorful and it really seemed to work- we were pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious! And below is the picture of the butter turkey I took with us all the way from Buffalo. It was a ridiculous $3.69- but I couldn't pass it up. They have Christmas trees too- but I don't think it would survive the plane trip to Utah for Christmas, I may have to carve my own.

These past few days have been extremely busy for me, thus the extremely late Thanksgiving post. I have spending many hours at the Gap. But I quite enjoy it. I got a new pink and orange argyle sweater there to wear to work for the Holiday season, I am in love with it.


Cold as ever!

The Holiday season has arrived and I couldn't be happier. The Gap's Christmas decorations are up and the Christmas music is playing. Nothing brings the holiday cheer like swarms of shoppers shopping to the tune of "Last Christmas I gave you my heart." I actually quite enjoy the mall at Christmas time, but I am excited for a few days off for Thanksgiving. We are heading to Toledo on Tuesday afternoon and we'll be back on Friday. We are excited to see Leisy, Kent, & Zeb- so is little Henry as you can clearly see from the picture above. I had just told him of our Thanksgiving plans.

We went for a very chilly walk today (26 degrees was the high) and Hanky Panky loved it. He couldn't care less about the temperature, he just loves it outside. We had a wonderful Saturday today, Taylor went to school and did some homework, and I finally had a day to get some things done around the house! Taylor is currently out getting us some dinner. We received a gift card from some friends (Thank you Wright Family!) to applebees before we left Utah and we saved it for a rainy day(or in our case, really cold and wonderfully dreary day).


Hank has grown up

Henry got a tooth and a half since the last time I posted, he has also learned to sit up, eat little baby cereal puffs, and he made it in to the doctor for his 4 month check up (Yeah we know he is 5 1/2 months. Moving makes it hard to get the kid to the doctor, he hadn't been since his 6 week check!). We quite like his pediatrician, she is a nice woman with three kids of her own. She seems very knowledgable and not pushy or over the top. What it really comes down to is that we like her because she thinks we are good parents. She was impressed with our baby's sleeping schedule and she didn't seem the slightest bit concerned about his throwing up. (He puked 4 times at her office!) He is healthy, happy, and fat. 85 percentile for weight, height, & head.

I tried to get a video of him sitting up, and I was going to try and get his tooth too, but he was entirely uninterested and he spit up broccolli during the filming so I had a bit of a mess to clean up. I will get a better video later.

Our new parental philosopy


I know..I know... I am a bad blogger....

But you would be too if you had this D-A-M-N thesis to write! (I spelled the bad word, I didn't actually say it. I want to keep this blog family friendly). Anyhow, I assure you readers in Utah (Mom) and friends across the country that I will do a better job once I have finished. I hope to be done in December, but at this rate it may not be until February. You see, I have to find the email addresses for 601 different city communicators of the cities in America with 50,000 people or more. And I am only half way done. Once I find those addresses, I then have to send them an email survey and hope and pray that they respond. I need at least a 50% response rate for a valid study. I have given up on trying to get back in running shape and training for a half marathon, and I have given up on regularly updating my blog- right now I just try and do my homework whenever I am not at work and when Hanky Panky is asleep or being good. I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it when that diploma comes in the mail. We'll see. If anyone wants to take our baby off our hands, he is yours. I have considered leaving him in Ohio until Christmas when we go to Leisy and Kent's for Thanksgiving, but I don't know if Leisy would go for it.

On a lighter and much happier note, Hank is finally becoming more enjoyable, and as cute as can be. As Taylor put it, "we can finally throw him around and not hurt him." He is filling out and becoming a real little person.



Our Little Halloween

Our Halloween was wonderful- lots of candy that Henry can't eat, and lots of great parties. Henry won the baby halloween constume contest at our ward party on Wednesday, and then last night we went to our neighborhood party at the Church of the Good Shepherd. They notonly gave away lots of good candy, but children's books! We got three new books for Henry. Our neighborhood has an association that we think we may join. They have a newsletter and they plan holiday parties and such. This is the picture of the church where the Halloween party was held. It is just around the corner and up the street from us.

This morning I went to brekfast with some ward friends for our next door neighbor Abby's birthday (she is the one I ran the race with last week). We went to this wonderful little restaurant in the hip and liberal part of Buffalo and I wore my McCain Palin pin. I was hoping to cause some sort of ruckus, sadly, none occured. This city bleeds Obama Biden. I quite enjoy the new perspective on politics here in Buffalo, it's a fascinating change from the somewhat monotonous tone of politics in Utah. While I don't neccessarily agree completely with the politcal mindset here, I am enjoying the dialogue and becoming less ignorant.

Here is one more pic of our little skeleton in his costume- this is the only one we got where he is looking at the camera.

And lastly, we got out the umbrella stroller and Henry is in heaven. He loves facing forward. The day we get to turn the carseat around may be the best day of his life.