More Henry.

We have had a wonderfully busy week, I have been at the Gap for much of it, Taylor is finishing up school projects and preparing for finals, and Henry just bounces around between the two of us. I wish we had more pictures of all of us, but we only have pics of Henry. Last night at the ward Christmas party I fully intended to take some pictures but I completely forgot. We will try and talke a few this week. Until then you can have some wonderful pictures of Hanky Panky. Think of it as a preview for all of you in Utah who get to see him in a week or so. He is getting cuter and cuter everyday, and much more enjoyable.

Henry spends much of his spare time here next to the radiator, it's the warmest place in the house. Luckily he hasn't reached out to touch it yet, we keep him an arm's length away. It gets pretty darn hot. Our landlady told us that she put her bird above it one winter to keep it warm, and it baked the bird- dead. We don't want to bake Henry.

We also keep his hat on him much of the time to keep him warm. He quite likes it and I think he looks like a cute little burglar.

Bath time. Our favorite time of day. Taylor and I love it because we know it means Henry gets to go to bed right after. And Henry just likes it because he loves being naked.
Lastly, here is Henry at breakfast time. Don't worry that I have tied him to his high chair, it didn't come with a strap, and I don't normally tie it around his neck, he did that. He somehow got his arm out while I wasn't looking.