It's been a month since we posted...but we are back

Here is the whole Oswald fam-damily plus kate and penny up front. We went on the annual Christmas cruise down the Provo river. It is the great secret gem of provo. They do a Halloween cruise as well. You get on a big raft and float down a section of the Provo river with a river guide that tells bad jokes (just like the jungle cruise at Disneyland) and you look at the river banks that have been decorated for the Holiday all while freezing to death. It was wonderful. I think Henry even liked it.

We tried to take some pictures of little Hanky Panky over the break

that were worth printing and putting in frames. These are a few of them, none of them really turned out frame worthy, we need a much nicer camera, but he sure is cute.

Our trip home to Utah was wonderful (all except for the plane ride there with a VERY bad baby. We gave in on the plane ride home and gave the little guy some baby benadryl and he became an angel baby). Seeing friends and family was great, it even made us miss it a little bit. Christmas was wonderful. It was the perfect visit. We were sad to leave but happy to come back home to our beds and Buffalo. Here is the little elf baby on Christmas morning, he loved the paper and all the color. Taylor and I didn't get him one single thing for Christmas, so it's a good thing he has grandparents. He loves his chew toy and Noah's ark.

Taylor and I decided to wait and do our Christmas here in Buffalo when we got back, we didn't want to travel with presents. We did presents on New Year's Eve while Henry slept (he has no idea he missed our Christmas). It couldn't have been a better New Years Eve.


Lindsay B said...

It was so fun to see you guys while you were here! Happy New Year!

Tanner Mills said...

oh i got a great pic of hank on janna's camera when we were playing with the box. ask janna to email it to you.

Kent and Leisy said...

is he crying or laughing in the rocking chair picture? I really like the one on the left.

Erin said...

The picture of you and Taylor is so cute! (I'm still jealous of your wood floors). It was fun to see you guys and Hank - such a fun little baby! Good job!

Annie O said...

Ooooh Henry is so cute. We so miss him and you too of course.

Thanks for coming home and thanks for being patient with your mum.

Love you.

JT and Lizzie Davis said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time in Utah with your family! I'm glad you got to have such a wonderful Christmas!

Amy and Craig said...

super cute pix, especially the one of you and taylor!