We are all still alive and semi-well. Henry is sick, and he has his first ever fever. It's really quite sad, he just whines and wants to be held. The poor kid has to fight off 5 other kids for our attention and I think he is tired of it. But I also think he is learning to be a little bit tougher. He no longer cries when other kids scream or yell, and he has become a bit more agressive in his toy protecting. Here is the picture of his little bruise. He has had a few more falls, but he seems to be holding up. 

St. Patrick's day is one of my favorite holidays. I don't know why, but I love the simple joy of seeing people wear green all over the country for no real reason. (I could barely convince Taylor to wear any at all- he wore green socks). Anyway, the  night before St. Patty's day I took the three oldest girls and we went to find green things for them to wear to school the next day. We also had a very yummy green breakfast in the morning.  

We finally used the last of the green milk this morning. 
The girls were a little hesitant to eat it at first, but they eventually gave in. 
All in all, our week has been wonderful. It was easier than we imagined in some ways, and harder in others.  We realized that Taylor is much better with babies and small children, and I like them much older. We have also had lots of practice with discipline, bed time routines, family scripture study, etc and we are happy to have the practice with someone else's kids- this way, if we mess them up, we don't have to live with the consequences :)

This is me with little Caroline- we are playing the hoop-a-loop (That's what she calls it).


Annie O said...

My poor little Henry P. He has a shell-shocked look or PTSS. Give him extra XX00s from me.

Are you going to see Auntie Metta this weekend?

Kent and Leisy said...

the green gravy with sausage looks absolutely FOUL.

Steve and Hailey said...

Whoa! That is so crazy, but it looks fun too. Are you actually outside in that last picture? It's warm? Hey are you missing me still or have you moved on? I can't believe you were kickboxing to the end of your pregnancy with Hank. I have definitely switched to step. Kicking kills my back. Is today the last day with the full crowd? Oh and I LOVE your exercise room. I want one too!

Amy and Craig said...

It looks like you guys really lived up to your potential this week! way to go! Now you know if you want 7 kids or not. I pick "or not" but that's just me. Maybe I would have more if I could have them older. I'm like you, I prefer kids older. The baby and little kid stage is hard for me.

Lindsi said...

I haven't been blogging or reading blogs in months. Today when I went to my google reader I had 15 unread posts by you guys. Here are my thoughts...
5 extra kids for a week! You are crazy!
Hank crawls and reads and blabs and barfs! How amazing!
You have a treadmill in your house! I'm jealous. That video of the girl singing about Taylor was hysterical! Love it!

yaya said...

Laney, Kathy Starkey here...you are most definetly invited for Easter! Hope to see you!

Erin said...

No wonder Sam had his doubts about green eggs and ham . . . ;)

Hank is so freaking cute. I hope you guys come out for a bit during the summer. Hank will be a little man by then!