Buffalo's Broadway Market

Buffalo has this little indoor Market called the Broadway market, its just like the markets that the Russians have, and I love it! It is mostly run by Polish people, and since Easter is one of their favorite Holidays, this week means a big week for the Broadway market. We went today seeing as how it is Good Thursday, and it was wonderful! Polish sausages, butter lambs, and lots of eastern european pastries.


Carl and Tasha said...

Those eggs are beautiful!

Kent and Leisy said...

are those butter lambs?? and are they 12.99??! oh, and hanky doesn't look so skinny in that picture. I thin I was mistaken when I said he was getting skinnier. That meat makes me want to vomit but the pastries look delightful!

Annie O said...

Wow! I can't believe how much Leisy and I think alike! She said evertying in the previous comment that i was going to tell you. So ditto Leisy. $12.99 for butter in a mold?

Did anybody at the market speak Russian?

Have a great weekend. Happy Easter. Hopefully you'll get your package before you leave.


Mike and Carly said...

Those sausages make me want to barf.

Steve and Hailey said...

I've missed so many of your posts! Everything looks like so much fun. Are you working with all new people (at Gap)? Hank is so lovely. He really is. I'm getting excited to meet our little Griff...tonight we cleaned the church and I was so tired afterward. I kept thinking how I felt absolutely too tired to go into labor. I guess that was't a big threat for today anyway. :) I miss you three! I heard your weekend was tons of fun.