Easter Weekend

We had an absolutely wonderful easter in Ashland Ohio- it is this wonderful little town in Ohio right near Amish country and it was fantastic. The drive was great, Henry was good, and I am so glad to have family on this side of the country. We stayed with Cousin Amy & Craig at Craig's house and had the most wonderful Easter dinner ever! Craig's mom is Greek so we had Greek food and it was delicious. Thank you Starkeys! We will be back soon.
Amish country was fascinating, and kind of strange. We went to a cheese factory and drove around their town- it kind of felt weird just driving around to watch these people live, but at the same time, they take advantage of the curiosity and give tours and sell suff, so I didn't feel as bad.
At the cheese factory, we found out that the moon really is made of green cheese, and quite tasty too.

And for Easter dinner, we ate a lamb cake. Nothing better than cutting up a baby lamb to celebrate Easter.

We also had a great Easter Egg hunt with all the kids outside, but Henry was totally uninterested. He mostly watched all the kids and he fell in love with their dog! At one point we found him trying to eat the dogs feet, thankfully the dog didn't mind one bit.

Here they are, staring each other down.

And lastly, here we are with the hysterical Starkey kids. Cousin Amy has great kids. And Leisy & I love to tease them. The only thing missing all weekend was cousin Hailey. I kept looking around for her to be there. Maybe next Easter.


Annie O said...

did you make the lamb cake? Looks like a fun weekend, sorry I couldn't be there.

I love that Henry P tried to eat the dog's feet.

Glad you came home to an Easter Bunny delivery and could extend the joy. Did you find the egg for you?


Erin said...

is that you or leisy with zeb?

Craig said...

It was a lot of fun! Thanks for coming to Ashland and exploring Amish country with us. The cheese factory was fun except for the boring tour....maybe we need to go when they're actually making the cheese! And when that boring guy isn't there.