Henry's bad habit

Henry has a problem...he eats/chews on everything in sight. People say it is normal for babies to chew on things, they say it's just a stage, or that he must be teething. But sometimes I wonder if Henry's tastebuds work. Just yesterday I noticed that Henry was being extremely quiet in the front room and I found him in the fireplace, eating pieces of burned wood. In the picture below he is trying to hide the fact that he has a quarter size piece of charcoal in his mouth. He was very angry when I removed it.

Henry has eaten everything imaginable and he seems to enjoy everything he has tried. The list grows every day. He even tries to eat people, like other babies and kids. He chews on tables, chairs, blankets, keys, books, & dishes. Every time we go to a restaurant, he bites down on the table. Here is the current tally of things we have found in his mouth:

*warning: some of these things are very gross

peeled garlic cloves

Dirty Diapers and their contents

fresh rosemary leaves

toilet paper (fresh from the unflushed toilet)

aluminum foil (one of his very favorites)

the cotton swabs off the end of q-tips. (We normally just let him eat those, it keeps him busy for a while)

dirt, rocks, mud, sticks


paper of all varieties



anything in the garbage can

the stuff that gathers at the bottom of your broom (you know the nasty hair/dust ball thing) he seems to never get tired of eating that stuff.

You'd think that we would have learned to keep things out of his reach by now, but he always manages to find something bad to eat.


Kenzie said...

that first picture henry looks like a bad-a james dean.

Dave and Michelle Howell said...

I like the 2nd "who me, I'm innocent" face.

Kent and Leisy said...

the charcoal picture made me laugh out loud. I think that zeb can beat henry's list. He had the exact same problem- but has pretty much grown out of it. Here are some of his favorites: nasty mop strings, drywall, and cigarette butts- just to name a few.

The De Souzas said...

Okay, that is seriously disgusting.

Please hold while I call child protective services.

Okay, they're on their way.


Rachel said...

EWWWWWW!!! Poor Henry! I laughed out loud when I saw his guilty (I didn't eat it!) charcoal face. I can't believe you let him keep eating while you went to get a camera! :)

Tanner Mills said...

i thought you were going to say he started smoking...bad habit.

Nate and Jessica said...

My fav is the stuff at the bottom of the broom...all those stringy hair things, yuck.

Big Oaf said...

When I went in to give Sara a bath the other night I noticed a set of teethmarks on the top and bottom of the bar of soap. I don't know how long she worked on it, or whether she gave up because of the taste or the thickness...but after everything else she's tried I just can't wait until Alli introduces her to the hidden gems in her nose.

autumnbottom said...

Ew ew ew.

yaya said...

Hmmmm...Eddy also eats charcoal and wood..wood being his fav. He didn't pick that up from him this Easter did he???

Jeff and Whitney said...

the kid is going to have a killer immune system!

J S said...


Amy and Craig said...

I thought that same as Tanner!

Rachael said...

Ew!! I can't believe he can chew on foil. What a talent.

Annie O said...

Do you give him vitamins? Maybe he won't go looking for those minerals in charcoal, mud, rocks, etc.

I can't explain the other stuff. But it really is gross. Maybe it's a boy thing.

And he so looks like you in the charcoal picture.

See you in August!


Steve and Hailey said...

Good thing you warned me that the list contained some very gross stuff! That is so funny. I can just feel a children's book coming from this post. Henry is even the perfect name for the story. Maybe I'll have to be more dedicated and get some ideas written down.

I think Hank looks so much like Taylor in the top picture...just something about the expression not the eating of the stick part.

I can't wait to see you guys maybe in August (wink!).

aub slob said...