Free stuff

Taylor and I have become quite the curbside shoppers here in Buffalo, it is amazing! People throw out the greatest stuff, and since we have a giant apartment that needs to be filled, we are glad to be the benefactors of other people's garbage. Plus, we are helping to save the Earth and waste less. Here are some of the wonderful things we have found in the past few weeks:

This basket was once basket colored, but Taylor painted it orange to match Henry's bedroom

We don't know exactly what this large piece of wood is, we were told it is a fireplace cover, but Taylor thought it would look nice above our mantel. We may hang a wreath from it. Any suggestions???
We got two of these mini chairs

And for the last bit of this post, here are some new videos of Henry doing his two favorite things:
Pushing objects and toys around the house

Eating things he shouldn't be eating


Melanie said...

You find the greatest little treasures! I am La-la-la-Loving the wood piece hanging over your mantel. Taylor seems to have a good eye for that type of thing!

Annie O said...

Too-cute-Henry P. He'll be walking soon so watch the sharp edges of that glass coffee table!

I like the idea of a wreath or a clock in the fireplace cover.

Mike and Carly said...

All I can say is that he is too adorable. I even made Mike watch the videos cause I thought he was too dang cute. Oh and I LOVE your free stuff. I think a wreath would look superb on your new free find!

abbyjane said...

So. If I went to Lowes and asked them I wanted to paint a room "basket colored" do you think they could find it for me?

Steve and Hailey said...

You and Leisy have different varieties of free, but they are so fun! I can't believe the cute chair. Could the piece of wood be used like a niche? You could put a bust or vase with flowers? It looks awesome! I really want to visit and see your beautiful home.