It's been a while since I blogged, Taylor has been hogging the computer to write papers, and Henry has been very demanding of my attention lately but I have finally found a moment to write. It's getting warmer here, and we spend lots of time outside so hopefully we'll have lots more pictures to share for the summer. And warm weather also means yard sale season. We found this sweet buffalo tie at a yard sale this week...$.75...I am in love with yard sales. They are so much better here than in Utah.

We think Henry is adorable when he gets on his tippy toes to look out the window.

Taylor and I went out this week on a real date, it was the closing social for Taylor's program at school. We went to a dinner downtown and we took the subway. It was my first time on the Buffalo subway. It 's kind of a lame subway, it has one line with ten or so stops, but luckily we live less than a mile from one of the stops so we decided to go green. I love riding the subway.

And for our last big bit of family news, as of 7 days ago, Henry is bottle free. We started using the sippy cup months ago, and we were tired of the bottle. I don't think he even notices it is gone-he hasn't complained one bit. This video may seem a bit boring for some of you, but it's really for his admirers in Utah who don't get to see how incredibly cute he is everyday like we do.


Mike and Carly said...

He is incredibly cute! And way to go on going green!

Annie O said...

Thank you for the blog update! I have been waiting and waiting. Not only do you have the cutest Henry P EVER, but you look gorgeous and happy.

Happy Mother's Day on Sunday. I'm proud of what a great mother you are.



yaya said...

That is such a nice pic of you two! Glad you got to have a fun date...Henry is soooo cute!

Amy and Craig said...

Cute couple pic! I'm so happy for you that you got to go out, it's heaven to feel like people and not just parents! I'm so glad Craig agrees with me on the importance of going out as a couple on a regular basis.

Kent and Leisy said...

I can't believe you hadn't been on the metro yet!! what did you do at the party? and where was hanky?

Ryan, Candace, Jack and Macie said...

Hey Laney this is Candace from Toledo (yes one of Leisy's friends). She had mentioned that we might be able to stay at your house while we make a little road trip. Are you sure you are ok with that? We have 2 kids so let me know if that is really ok. My email is candace_slater@yahoo.com. Thanks
By the way, Hank is way cute!

Tyler said...

man, i'm soooo jealous of taylor's new tie. i'd give a million dollars for a great buffalo tie like that!